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Wellness: 10 Things You Can Do To Stay Positive

Wellness: 10 Things You Can Do To Stay Positive

Every day presents a new opportunity. Each year we have 365 days of opportunity. When our mental state affects every aspect of our lives, we want to be sure we are taking the steps to increase our positivity and decrease the negative influences that surround us.

Below are 10 things you can do to stay positive. Just like with anything, a positive lifestyle can be taught and with repetition, you can get into the habit of choosing actions that promote a positive life.

Start your day with positivity

Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to do – but they go a long way. The moments
after we first wake up shape how the rest of our day will unfold. If you rush out of bed in a frenzy or don’t take the time to settle into your morning, stress and negativity will find their way into your day. Try moving slowly through your morning and relax in a way that is meaningful to you. If you enjoy reading, read a chapter of a book. If you like to cook, make a hearty breakfast. If music relaxes you, turn on your favorite Spotify station. Find something that allows for you to calm your mind and in turn, you’ll no longer dread when your alarm goes off because you have a relaxing act to look forward to. This will reset your mind after a night of rest and you’ll kickstart your day feeling energized.

Practice mindfulness all day long

Situations that may cause you to worry are inevitably bound to pop up throughout the day. But often the things that we worry about, never actually happen. When a thought of worry surfaces, ask yourself how many of your worries have happened, to snap you back into reality. Then focus on an action you can take if your worry comes to fruition. One moment of worry could ruin the positivity you worked hard to start your day on because it can leave you stressed with its destructive nature. Spend your time living in the moment, and not living in the past or the future. This will help eliminate any worries. When you move slowly through each part of your day and stop rushing, you’ll be able to stay present in each moment. If you find yourself losing your mindfulness, focus on your surroundings for a minute or two to recenter yourself. When you practice this, you’re taking charge of your life and fighting off any feelings of anxiety.

Try to find the time to exercise

Exercise provides you with endorphins that boost your mental and physical health and your mood. As a result, these exercise endorphins help fight depression. When you care for the physical part of yourself, it will radiate to other parts of your life. Just make sure you are setting realistic goals and maintaining consistency. You can even tap a friend or family member to help hold you accountable. 30 minutes a day is all you need! Whether it’s a walk, run, or exercise class if you find a moment to exercise you are helping relieve your stress, improve your memory, and encourage better sleep.

Speaking of sleep, make sure you get enough sleep every night

If we aren’t getting enough sleep, negativity and stress are bound to enter our thoughts. Sleep
allows our bodies to recover. It helps to keep us focused and helps us maintain productivity throughout the day. Without sleep, we are unable to entertain our optimistic thoughts. Quality sleep positively

impacts our physical and mental health and by dedicating seven to nine hours of sleep a night, we’re in turn, improving our overall quality of life.

Ensure your morning includes a healthy meal

Not only is a healthy diet good for your overall health, but it affects how you feel. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so you should start your morning with a well-rounded breakfast. This will improve your mood and help gather energy for you to take with you through your day. When you eat a healthy breakfast, you are leveling your blood sugar which will eliminate feelings of anxiety, fatigue, and irritability. Throughout the day continue eating healthy to maintain this same level of blood sugar and as a result, you’ll keep these positive feelings flowing.

Transform your home into a positive environment

Where do you spend most of your time? Likely, your home, is one of your answers. When you focus on making your home a positive environment that brings out joy and feels like a place of rejuvenation, this will help you remain optimistic all day long. Avoid watching draining television or tuning in to negative media. Instead, only take in information that supports you. Watch an inspiring movie, listen to an uplifting song, or read an encouraging book. You can even start smaller by just making your bed or starting a new routine. All these little steps will make a greater difference down the road once the habit is built.

Choose to surround yourself with positive people, and in turn, be a positive force to them as well

If you put good energy out into the world, you’ll receive that back. How you treat others directly correlates with how you treat yourself. Project positivity onto others by helping, listening instead of speaking, and perhaps just smiling at a stranger. You can even start by practicing this at home if you live with others. It can be as simple as taking on a chore you usually don’t help with. Now, look at the people you spend the most time with. Make sure your circle is full of people that lift you and stay clear of friends that project regular negativity onto you. If you have negativity in your circle, that will rub off on you. Choosing positive, uplifting, friends will help you channel the same mindset as them.

Practice gratitude regularly

Being grateful positively affects your overall health and it will reduce feelings that come with negativity, like envy and resentment. You can always find things in your life that you can be grateful for and there are surely things in your life that you have, that others do not. Humans, by design, always focus on negative things like failure and worry, instead of focusing on the good of our lives. This may take the form of a gratitude journal, but whatever way you choose to practice gratefulness when you do it, you’re practicing having positive thoughts.

Always find the good in a situation

When something is out of our control or doesn’t pan out how we envisioned, it’s easy to just let
in feelings of failure. Instead, focus on the constructive aspect of growing and ask yourself what else could you have done to make things better? What opportunity does this situation open now? What is one positive thing about what happened? You may need some time to process your thoughts and

feelings before arriving at an optimistic outlook, and that’s okay! You never want to force in positive thoughts when you are feeling emotional.

And finally, learn to take criticism more healthily

At some point in your life, you’ll undoubtedly encounter someone who has an idea about what you could have done better. While it feels like a personal attack now, not all criticism is that. You can use this to grow as a person. Start by pausing, and not responding immediately, when you hear the criticism and think of it as feedback. Then listen to the words with open ears and try to find how they can help you grow and try to understand where the feedback is coming from. Finally, choose to either reply with a level head, ask for more specific feedback, or let it go. Hearing something negative hurts, but knowing how to deal with it, it won’t affect your optimism.

We don’t expect you to tackle all 10 tips in one day. Focus on one thing at a time and then add another and keep learning. You may need to pivot and use this as a trial and error practice to determine what works for you – and that’s okay! Look at what you need more of in your life to increase positivity and create a custom plan for YOU!

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