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Major Retailers

80% of trans people have experienced a transphobic hate crime with 25% physically assaulted or threatened with assault. Half of transgender workers hide their identity at work for fear of discrimination and 47% of businesses in the retail industry say they’re unlikely to hire a transgender person. Trans customers also have specific needs – like learning to apply make-up later in life and understanding techniques to contour and feminise their face, getting bra fittings – potentially before they’ve even came out publicly – or for minimising options if they’re trans masculine, laser hair removal for surgical preparation or buying whole wardrobes in one fell swoop.

They have money to spend, but don’t know where it’ll be safe to spend it.

TransFriendly for Major Retailers is a comprehensive and cohesive service to help retailers navigate these challenges, improve their trans inclusion and realise meaningful social and business benefits from serving the transgender and non-binary community.


TransFriendly is an established, not-for-profit and apolitical directory of trans and non-binary inclusive business with an established presence in five countries and with almost 2,000 listed businesses, led entirely by transgender and non-binary people. We campaign and work exclusively for trans inclusion and safety in businesses that can provide services which better their lives and enable their transitions.

Your membership includes

Training and Development

We’ll produce bespoke training and development modules for your business, working with any existing trans and non-binary employees where appropriate. We can produce these as videos, SCORM modules, presentations, PDFs… whatever aligns to your businesses existing processes. They’ll cover adherence to the TransFriendly Pledge, and we’ll also work with trans experts and influencers to provide modules and training specific to your business. For example:

  • For a beauty retailer, working alongside trans beauty influencers, we’d produce training about facial feminisation
    techniques and products to recommend for changing skincare needs during hormone therapy

All content will be revalidated and updated annually.

Visibility and Safety

We’ll provide our TransFriendly window stickers for each of your shops (one per location is included with your membership fee), and list each location on our website. Customers can feedback on our website, and work with our team to resolve any issues – we’ll work hand-in-hand with your customer service team.

You’ll also get a license to use our logo and pledge badge across your physical and digital marketing materials and POS (think toilet doors, fitting room entrances and trans-targeted campaigns).

Product and Proposition Development

For retailers with at least 500 locations (or 250 large locations, or e-tailers with at least 2,500 employees) “large retailers”, we’ll provide unlimited reviews of policies, processes and procedures by our transgender inclusion experts (for example, a request from your product team to review the language used on your website, or a request from your marketing team to review a campaign).

For large retailers, we’ll provide a half day session annually anywhere in the UK or USA with members of our leadership team at your office, which we can use to ideate on services you could offer transgender customers, train your senior leadership team on trans inclusion or work hand-in-hand with your D&I groups to further their agendas – whatever you’d like!

Promoting your trans inclusion strategy

We’ll regularly provide updates about your business on our social media channels and our website, as well as providing quotes for press releases or any other external campaigns you’d like to run (remember you can use our TransFriendly logo and pledge badge as part of these campaigns).

For large retailers, we can take over your social media channels for a day once a year to engage with your audience around the issues transgender and non-binary people face in society, your sector and your services, as well as showcasing what your brand is doing for trans and non-binary customers.

For every $700/£500 spent on TransFriendly for Major Retailers membership, you’ll be able to ‘pay-it-forward’ by offering free annual membership to a small business. Share with your suppliers, give away on social media or have TransFriendly distribute free memberships on your behalf.

Visibility on our website and window stickers will create a ‘network effect’ of trans positive businesses.

Guide Pricing and Next Steps

Email our founder [email protected] or our Head of Partnerships [email protected] for more guidance on our offering for major retailers.