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Connect with trans and non-binary people in our global directory of transgender friendly businesses and show your support whilst capturing new business and doing the right thing. TransFriendly directory listings can help take your business to new heights.

Plus, we're a not-for-profit social enterprise, so your listing helps us to keep building our directory, rather than just being a source of profits for some investor.

Thank you. Just by being here, you’re showing your support for the transgender and non-binary community. Every day, tens of thousands of trans men and women and non-binary people search for businesses to help them. From a nervous trans woman looking to get laser hair removal before a life changing operation, and wanting to know she can do so judgement free to a trans man searching out the talent of a tattoo artist to cover his surgical scars. Trans people need to know where they can access services free from judgement and discrimination.

It matters because last year, 4 in 5 trans people have experienced some form of hate crime, and nearly 7 in 10 trans people say that transphobia negatively affects their daily routine, with more than 5 in 10 feeling less able to leave the house. TransFriendly is a directory started by a trans woman that aims to change all of that. With your support, you can list your business and reach trans people in a way that’s never been possible before. Plus get the training and support you need to serve trans and non-binary people in your business.


Bring your business to life for transgender customers

And showcase all your company has to offer


The TransFriendly Founders window sticker

As a founding business in the TransFriendly movement, you’ll get to share your support and signal to transgender and non-binary people that your business is ready to serve them with your TransFriendly Founders window sticker – we’ll include one for free with every listing, posted to your business anywhere in the world.

And get your calling card for the transgender community


TransFriendly is more than just a listing

Learning and development resources

Comprehensive eLearning

Text content, video content, worksheets and quizzes on topics such as trans awareness and trans history, how to serve trans customers and following the TransFriendly pledge ready for your LMS or to share directly with staff

The TransFriendly awards

Recognizing global leaders

Using data from reviews on TransFriendly and submissions on your internal and external trans advocacy work and CSR or community outreach, we'll shine a light on businesses large and small that are doing the right thing and supporting trans and non-binary people

Consultancy and advocacy

Access our community

We can help you to access our community for consultancy and advocacy. For example, if you're looking to create a new product or service aimed at trans people, we can help to organise focus groups or get you feedback and quotations.

Partnerships and sponsorships

Opportunities to engage

After you've got a listing, we'll reach out with more opportunities to engage with trans and non-binary people through category sponsorships, our active social media channels or our email newsletter.

Window stickers, POS and visibility

A real world presence

TransFriendly doesn't just exist online. From your founders window stickers to other opportunities to engage with trans and non-binary people in the world, we'll work to help you advocate and exceed your CSR ambitions.

And benefit from training and development


The TransFriendly pledge

When you list your business on TransFriendly, we’ll ask that you commit to the trans friendly pledge. It’s the way that transgender and non-binary customers will know they’re respected and welcomed by your business.


We will treat trans and non-binary customers with dignity and respect – always using their preferred name and pronouns and apologising where we get it wrong. For online retailers, this means offering pronoun options that span beyond Mr and Mrs, and considering non-binary customers when requesting gender details.


Where we offer gendered spaces or gendered services (such as toilets, changing rooms or gendered price lists) we will always defer to the clients sense of gender identity when providing access to these services, unless we are otherwise prohibited by law. We will never ask for ID or documentation to allow trans and non-binary people to access these spaces, unless we are obliged to by law.


We will provide training and development to our customer facing colleagues to make sure they are equipped and ready to serve trans and non-binary people. We’re not perfect, but if something goes wrong we’ll listen to our trans and non-binary customers and work to resolve the issue for them as quickly as possible. We won’t tolerate transphobic behaviour by our staff.


We will make it as easy as legally possible for customers to change their name and gender. We will not add unnecessary barriers or obstructions, and where possible we will work towards making it possible to change name and gender records online or through self-service, rather than requiring a letter, a phone call or a visit to one of our locations.


We will stand up for our transgender and non-binary customers, and our commitment to the TransFriendly pledge. If another customer complains or comments about the presence of a transgender or non-binary person, we will outline our commitment to the TransFriendly pledge and work to educate our customers. We will never discriminate against a trans customer because someone asks us to.


We recognize the unique challenges that transgender and non-binary customers may face in accessing our services, and will work with our transgender and non-binary customers to make accessing our services as easy as possible. For example, we might help a transgender customer to schedule an appointment at a quieter time, if this is what they desire.


We welcome job applications from transgender and non-binary people, and will always allow them to freely express their gender identity at work. In particular, where we have a uniform or dress code, staff members may follow the policy for their gender identity, and where we require name tags, we’ll work with transgender and non-binary employee to use a name they’re comfortable with.


We welcome feedback from our transgender and non-binary customers to help us improve the services that we provide to them. Feedback can be made directly, via our customer services team (where applicable) or through reviews and comments left on the TransFriendly website.

And show your support for the TransFriendly pledge


5% for trans causes

We believe strongly in the importance of giving back to the transgender and non-binary community. Whilst TransFriendly helps trans people find the services that are eager and excited to work with them, we dream of a time when websites like this aren’t needed at all. 5% of all revenue is distributed equally between the causes we’ve listed below, and we also regularly provide additional donations centered around specific actions.


for the Transgender Law Center who work to change and challenge the laws impacting the transgender and non-binary community


for Mermaids who support gender variant and transgender youth


for the Trevor Project who provide support and guidance for LGBT people


for Stonewall – Europe’s largest LGBT rights organization


for individual trans people and projects allocated through GoFundMe

Crucially, these donations are made based on revenue, not profit. So we can’t hide behind costs as an excuse to not maintain our commitment to these incredible causes. We regularly review our giving back charities, and their listing on this page doesn’t imply a partnership or affiliation with TransFriendly.

And give back to trans charities


Simply pay what you can afford

We’re a not-for-profit social enterprise, so whilst we need to cover our costs, we’ve made sure that listing is as affordable as possible. You can list your business today from as little as $5 / year (plus a one-time $10 fee for your window sticker). And remember, your contribution funds the continued growth of TransFriendly.

You can see a list of all of the categories on our site at the bottom of this page.

Some businesses may not fit into these categories. If that’s you, contact us and we can see about adding a new category for you.

You’ll need one listing for each location you have, and each category you want to list in. So for example if you have a chain of three hair removal places, and you want to list in waxing, laser hair removal and epilation, you’d need nine listings in total:

Locations x Categories = Listings

Creating a directory of this scale and ambition is costly and time consuming. We also need to make sure we’re protected from things like DDoS attacks, and moderate all of our listings and comments, to keep the community safe and positive. Unfortunately, these costs mean that we need to make enough money to keep the project going. We do hope to offer free listings for certain businesses in future, and already offer free listings for trans-owned small businesses. Reach out to us on chat to apply.

Being transgender can be scary and dangerous. Having to out yourself just to access the services you need is unfair – and you shouldn’t have to wonder whether the businesses serving you are doing so wholeheartedly or begrudgingly.

The reality is a lot of services that trans people need to access – from laser hair removal to medical tattooing to clothes shopping – have traditionally been highly gendered, or require them to put themselves into very intimate positions. It’s important that trans people know they can trust and rely on their practitioners.

Our CEO, Morgan, is a trans woman. She started TransFriendly after going through the process of having to out herself to companies to access services like hair extensions, laser hair removal and bra fitting during her transition – without knowing what the reaction would be, or whether she was safe. Morgan decided there had to be a better way, so she built TransFriendly.

Email [email protected] to reach out to the team if you’ve got any ideas on how you might support us, or you’d like to get in touch. We will be offering sponsorship opportunities, and we’re happy to have those conversations in advance for any brands who want to reach out.

It started with a transition

Our founder, Morgan, is a trans woman. She came out at the age of 27, and started her transition. She found a lot of information online about the big things – who to go to for HRT, the state of the waitlist for surgery, how the GIC process worked – but a complete lack of information about the little things that went into her transition, things like where to go and get hair extensions, where would be a good place to buy a new wardrobe, who sold women’s shoes that’d fit her size 12 feet.

Transition changes almost every aspect of your life overnight, and Morgan struggled find the resources and services she needed to assist her transition. Even worse, often what she did find actively worked against her sense of self, or made her feel unwanted and ashamed.

For example, when Morgan reached out to more than 30 hair extensionists in London to ask about extensions, disclosing her transgender status and asking questions about what would and wouldn’t be possible with her hair length, she heard back from only four. To her, this amounted to twenty six rejections of who she was. The same pattern was apparent for other services too – like getting laser hair removal, and even going to get her nails done for the first time. She often clung to big brands for perceived ‘safety’, which left her at a cost disadvantage too.

The same challenges are faced by trans men looking for their new wardrobe, or surgical interventions, or even things as simple as getting tattoos to hide mastectomy scars. It’s so important that they know their gender identity will be affirmed.

The reality is that those early stages of transition are really scary, and everything – even something as simple as figuring out if you can use a fitting room or go to a bathroom without feeling unsafe or judged – carries a much higher weight. Everything is big. Everything is impactful. And everything is scary.

It’s a life long need

As Morgan continued her transition, she realised that whilst over time that hugely elevated fear somewhat dissipates, there’s always a need to understand who offers trans friendly services and ranges trans friendly products, and that it’s very hard to find companies other than through trial and error. And unfortunately, because of the fetish community, items like a tucking thong, or size 12 heels, can often be garnished with “sissy” or “crossdresser”, which can cause further problems as trans people try to affirm their gender identity internally. Mainstream, trans positive retailers can be hard to find.

And mainstream retailers that are doing the right thing – offering inclusive sizes and ranges, having clear anti-discrimination policies and making clear decisions in support of the transgender community often don’t have a place to shout about it.

Our mission

So that’s why we exist – with a simple and clear mission. To make sure that transgender and non-binary people can find and access the shops and services they need without fear, and to help businesses understand how they can become more trans friendly with training, guidance and support whilst giving back to the transgender community. We’re excited to be here, making a difference.

Only pay what you can afford