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4GK Martial Arts Gyms Up to 200.00

380 East Main St, Patchogue NY 11772

4GK Martial Arts in Patchogue is committed to not only teaching powerful self-defense but to helping members create new, more empowered versions of themselves that will limit their need to ever even have to defend themselves because they will be too busy being successful!

We do this by offering a few different programs, allowing members to focus on exactly what they need in order to reach their goals.

San Da

San Da is our full contact martial arts program. This class is ideal for those who have serious concerns about personal safety, those who want to compete in the ring, or those who simply want to take their martial arts and confidence to the highest levels.
This training is currently on hold pending changes in the NY Executive Orders limiting contact in gyms and martial arts schools.

Warrior Skillz

Warrior Skillz is a modern take on martial arts that combines the traditional technical aspect of martial arts training with powerful mindset and personal development exploration that will build each member as a person.

This class includes training in fitness, self-defense, traditional forms and weapons, sparring, goal-setting, and other topics designed to break through the mental, social, physical, and emotional barriers that life puts in the way.



The “Fit” in SKILLZ Fit® stands for Functional Interval Training. This is the concept of rotating fitness skills in intervals that are more functional than most fitness programs.

This program was designed to provide students with a full-body training regimen targeting eight fitness skills. Two skills are targeted per class, cycling through four unique class formats. This is unlike a typical fitness class, which either runs through the same kind of workout every class or sporadically changes in format at the instructors’ own discretion.

4GK Martial Arts is all about adult training for adult needs.  No judgment, just progress toward your goals.


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