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Blossom to Success Life Coaches Up to 1,000.00

Phoenix, AZ, USA

Karen is a certified life and Neuro-Linguistics Coach specializing in helping introverted and empathic people to live their lives authentically. Using mindset, and social positioning for businesses, gain the ability to share your story to guide your success and life.

Be prepared to dig into shadow work and challenging moments and emerge as a strong, determined individual.

As an LGBTQIA+ (Pansexual) community member, I come to this from a place of understanding, acceptance, and love. My one wish is for you to find your most authentic self and to live that proudly.

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  • Life Coaching

    Feeling lost? Are you tired of being told that you need to pretend to be like other people? If you're an introvert, this is more common than most people realize. We are in an extroverted world, and instead of embracing your personal skill sets and strengths, you feel pressurized into following the crowd. This is for you if you want to lean into your personal best version of yourself authentically while succeeding with your life goals, increasing your emotional intelligence, positive mindset, and personal organization skills.

  • Small Business Coaching

    Do you need to increase your business by implementing a structure, systems, and proven growth methods? Or maybe you need to improve your relationships by increasing your emotional intelligence with your team to help motivate and inspire them? Karen helps small business owners look into their daily activities to see what is productive for them or how they can avoid those pitfalls that arent creating income, engagement or results in order to laser focus business.

  • Social Media Consulting

    From Audits to content creation techniques. Karen helps you look at your business and branding and find areas in which you can tell your company's story more effectively. Most small businesses fall into the trap of trying to advertise like a fortune 500 and then wonder why they don't have results. With this consulting package, we can find your ideal client and how to attract them to you authentically to build a community that aligns with your business.


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