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Chaz Vitale Tattoo Artist Tattoo Artists 100.00 - 10,000.00

1729 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland, Oregon 97214

Hello. My name is Chaz Vitale and I am a trans, intersex,non binary, and queer tattoo artist.  I m a trained fine artist,  and provide a range of artistic styles of custom tattoo art. Tattooing is a joy with endless room for growth and learning. I focus frequently on images from the natural world, diagrams and color. I also enjoy illustrating objects, doing black and grey realism, and creating work based on personal identity. I use vegan ink and aftercare products.  I am a trauma informed, body positive tattoo artist. I firmly believe that physical embodiment is a sacred task and seek to ease that experience through tattoo art. I also provide paramedical tattoo services for both cancer survivors as well as trans intersex and nonbinary clients pursuing nipple and areola tattooing, phalloplasty tattooing, graft scar cover up tattooing, or custom tattoo art. I have broad experience working with many types of scar tissue and pigmentation. For trans, intersex and non binary clients I also provide the comfort of knowing that *you are part of my extended logical family and your body and personhood will be treated with respect and reverence*. There is a single stall all gender restroom. Appointments can be made solo in the studio for total privacy as requested. All clients will be called by their stated names and pronouns as opposed to their paper names/identification being used. Legal names will not be repeated or shared. All clients present will be interrupted and redirected or asked to leave if engaging in transphobic speech or behavior. I have been licensed in Oregon since 2007. My selected portfolio can be seen on Instagram @ChazVitale but paramedical tattoo portfolio photos are available by request. I m following rigid Covid19 health and safety protocols and am currently receiving tattoo project inquiries and conducting complimentary consultation via email. I look forward to learning about your inspiration and making art with you that will stand the test of time.



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