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At Chinn GYN, we believe in a truly integrative approach to healthcare that takes into account the multi-faceted being that you are. We also believe that the healing process begins with sharing your story with other people who care.  We offer our patients service that you simply will not find in other medical practices. Foremost among the amenities we provide is a model of care that is designed for women, by women, & is applicable to women in all phases & stages of life. We offer female biology-specific services, & we recognize that there is no adequate substitute for dedicated, genuine face-to-face time between patient & provider for discussion of important issues. We want to reserve sufficient time for your visit. You will not be rushed. All your questions will be answered.

We are also proud to offer gender-affirming care at Chinn GYN. Whoever you are & however you identify, we are here for you.  If you have begun a journey of transition or are questioning your birth-assigned gender, we will support you medically, physically & emotionally through developing a plan that allows you to fully embrace the person you are in the body you have. Dr. Chinn & Morghan are well-versed in transgender care & are thrilled to offer person-centered care in a discrete, judgment-free setting.

We offer skin care services as well, in a unique setting that allows us not only to address your cosmetic concerns & resolve things like pigment problems, wrinkles, acne & rosacea but also to investigate & treat any conditions that may be causing your skin problems in the first place. This allows a holistic approach & may involve laboratory testing, medications, skincare recommendations, supplements, biopsies, or preventive measures to reduce complications related to your particular concern. We address your skin as the unique but interconnected body system it is. This includes hair reduction services that can make your fuzzy not so wuzzy or your wuzzy not so fuzzy, whichever you prefer. Reclaim the hours of your life spent tweezing, sugaring, plucking, waxing & shaving wherever it is you do those things. Or, if you’re struggling with hair loss, our comprehensive evaluation will address the underlying problem to correct your concerns.

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