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CMQ Headshots Photographers 300.00 - 800.00

4405 West Phalen Drive

CMQ Headshots is a full headshot service.   We believe you need a professional headshot that Sells you!  A headshot is your first impression. It can help you get that dream role, new clients, capture your brand, look more professional, or have a professional image for your LinkedIn.

We help you prepare for your session and guide you on what best to wear for your headshot.  I can help you relax and feel comfortable during your headshot session.  I bet you’ll burst out laughing at least once!  I know how to coach and direct you so that you will end up

How we’re supporting our transgender and non-binary customers

We’re always here to help our transgender and non-binary customers, regardless of where you are in your transition. There’s a wide range of practical suppor


Getting the basics right

To reassure you:

Transgender and non-binary people are always welcome at CMQ Headshots, and all of our staff have been trained to respect your pronouns and identity, regardless of where you’re at in your transition
It is our policy that all customers can use the fitting rooms, regardless of their gender presentation. Our changing room has an independently locking door.  You have complete privacy while you change your outfits.

We suggest you bring a number of outfits to ensure we have several different looks to choose from.



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Value for Money

Signed the TransFriendly Pledge