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Diaz Law Firm (DLF) exists to provide legal services by way of in-depth analysis and consultations, passionate advocacy and representation in the areas of family law, immigration, and bankruptcy, especially to those who are traditionally treated as outsiders in the legal process. Our very purpose is to bring our clients peace and a better life by protecting their interests in and outside of the court system.

DLF prides itself in being ethical, transparent, and client-centered.  We not only know the law, but understand the humanity and social policies behind the law’s purpose.  Our office’s core is centered in compassion and anchored in clarity.

We heal and rebuild our clients’ lives by solving their legal problems together, piece by piece, issue by issue, with grace, poise, and greater purpose.  We admit, and you should know, that we lead from the heart, and guide our clients to not waste money, time, or energy through creating more hurt, extending a fight, or seeking vengeance just to appease a bitter, broken heart.  Instead, we focus our clients on moving on and addressing the most important part – the future – rather than getting stuck in the past.  We guide our clients to figuring out what is truly most important, what are the issues, what is the fight really about, and how can we best reach a resolution, closure, and peace.

While we battle across the table with opposing counsel, or before the judge in court, we never lose sight of our humanity and responsibility to our highest selves, our children, and our communities.

As tempting as it might be to hit “below the belt,” to cut corners, or breach the ethical boundaries, we remind ourselves that we fight for the sake of those watching us closely – our little babies, our children, our young ones – to see what the adults will do next now that they are facing difficult times in their lives.


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