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Be Your Valentine with comfort, confidence and beauty.

Elizabeth Valentine is Canadian made lingerie and clothing brand; all of our products are made in Canada in the largest size range in the world. From 24AA to 64Z bra sizes and 2-32 dress sizes, we strive to create for everyone while honouring our employees and the environment. Join us in our quest for true quality, transparency, logic, and love of ourselves and others.

Elizabeth Valentine celebrates the power and beauty in all of us. It’s you, your sister, your friend, your neighbour.
It celebrates, without judgement, the spirit that deserves the best in bras and clothing, no matter who you are.

Exclusive Fitting System
We think you’ll agree that our measuring system is better for all body types! We hope that with our unique and sensible fitting system, you’ll find a perfect fit!

Ethical Bras Made in Canada
Our bras are made in Canada by us, ensuring high quality manufacturing, comprehensive safety standards, enviable labour protections and environmental care. We’re there every step of the way; we never outsource or contract off-shore.

Swatch Collections
We are the first company in the world to offer bra and lingerie sample swatches of our fabrics and colours so you can look before you buy, being friendly to the environment. Swatches are made from leftover fabric cuttings, reducing waste. We hope you’ll share them to extend sample life and reduce waste. See current swatch collection.

Inclusive Size Range
We have the most inclusive bra size range in the world, producing sizes 24AA to 64Z. We always have your size in all products by using “Just-In-Time” production. The days of hoping product is available in your size are no more!

Ethically Made and Eco Friendly
Eco friendly textile dyeing is done in our vertically integrated facility in Canada where we control the process. We recycle all paper, textiles, and water where possible. Our products are made to last – less replacement, less waste, better for the environment. We offer swatches from leftover fabric cuttings so you can see before you buy. This reduces waste and allows for extended use of the swatches as friends/family share them.

Employee Values
We respect all our employees as equals and highly value their skills and contributions. Our employees are paid more than a living wage; we pay among the highest wages for sewing technicians in British Columbia, which makes wearing our bras even more comfortable.

We control the manufacturing process here on Canadian soil. Gone are the days of sizing inconsistencies, production discrepancies and dubious labour unknowns. Material sources are listed on all of our products.




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