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Restorative Thai bodywork is passive on the part of the receiver — known as “lazy man’s yoga”, the work of Thai massage is done with little or no conscious engagement on the part of the client, who may even be in a sleep or deep state of relaxation.

These general relaxation sessions are GREAT.  Energetics and breathing are addressed as well as provide a welcoming calm.  The body will remain in a relaxed state through almost all of your time on the mat.  You should feel as if you have just experienced a wonderful restorative session.  Make sure to ask your practitioner about options and various techniques they have learned and can share!

What do we do for chronic pain?

We design treatment protocols based on the needs of the client, and avoid putting joints through extreme range until the relevant muscles on both sides of the joint have been treated.  Our treatment protocols are designed to visit all the muscles that are relevant to a particular regional pain complaint, based upon years of research into direct and satellite referral patterns, functional relationships, perpetuating factors, nervous and vascular impingement and processing of the kinetic chain.



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