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International Beauty Center, Inc. Electrolysis Starts from 55.00

4412 Spicewood Springs Rd, Building 2. Suite 200

Electrolysis is safe and effective when performed by an electrologist who is board certified. It is important to find an electrologist who is a CPE (a National Certified Professional Electrologist). This means that they have passed a national exam and keep up with required continuing education to maintain the CPE status. Since Texas lacks a requirement for electrologists to be CPEs, when choosing an electrologist it is important to inquire whether they have the national CPE credential. IBC is one of the few clinics in Central Texas that is staffed with a CPE. The Apilus X-Cell epilator from Dectro is currently the most effective and comfortable machine available for electrolysis treatments. In Central Texas, only IBC has the Apilus X-Cell, and in Texas and the surrounding states only IBC has an electrologist that is an Académie Apilus National Trainer. This combination of high levels of expertise and cutting edge equipment are rare and, outside of IBC, exist only on the east and west coasts and in Canada. This is why IBC has clients from all parts of the country who travel to Austin to address their unwanted hair needs. IBC strictly adheres to the Infection Control Standards set forth by the American Electrology Association, and close attention is also given to other infection control measures, including hand washing, gloves, sterile/disposable probes and sterilization of instruments, to name a few.



  • Cristina Navarrete

    Electrolysis 1 hr.

  • Cristina Navarrete

    Brazilian Electrolysis 1 hr.


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