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Irish Lashes Productions Music Starts from 10.00

815 Seattle Blvd S UNIT 215, Seattle, WA 98134

Irish Lashes is here to preposition you under, on top of, and between the gender spectrum as they take on the whiskey business of dismantling gender norms. From glitter beard to glitter tits, this two time graduate of Miss Indigo Blue’s Academy of Burlesque can be found in the gray areas of society and social norms. Since 2017, their blurring of gender presentation and expression has been gracing the Seattle and Portland stages. Irish Lashes has an act for all occasions, from femmes in space to masculine recycling rituals to nerdy tributes.

In 2018 they started Irish Lashes Productions. This company hosts near-monthly shows across Seattle, focusing on burlesque and similar performance art. One reoccurring show is the Beyond the G series, highlighting marginalized queer performers. All shows are made with the intention of keeping the centuries-old art of burlesque alive and well in Seattle, especially for performers of color and queer performers.

Producer Irish Lashes believes in the need for artists to be paid for their art, and appreciates the support of donors to help keep that possible, whether it is through ticket sales and direct donation.

They are also a co-founder of 4 Leaf Puckduction with Mx. Pucks A’Plenty. These they/them femmes are committed to provide space for burlesque performers living in the margins and create shows/events that aren’t looking for social justice cookies!

Irish Lashes Productions is fiscally sponsored by Shunpike



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