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Why Parenting Coaching?

Parenting is a social skill that used to be learned organically growing up as we interacted with multi-aged social groups.  Today, not only are we meeting with each other a lot less (thanks to heavy work, school and extra curricular activities) but while growing up we more likely to be in same-aged groups or activities.  That means we missed out on a lot of the micro experiences of working with kids and for many adults the first infant they’ll hold will be their own.

Here’s the good news:  Parenting is a skill:  It can be taught, learned and practiced.  That’s where parenting coaches come in.  What we used to learn from our relatives, friends and neighbors, we now learn from professionals.  Most parenting coaches will do a combination of parent education and parent coaching.  Parent education is just letting you know what the research says about what have found to be best practices over time.  It is helping you set up effective systems and routines in your household.  It is teaching you the latest research.  Parent coaching is connecting you, your values, your unique circumstances and your individual kids to the practices that are going to create the most harmony, connection and cooperation possible in your household.  Parent coaching will help you be more conscious, self aware and consistent.

Why Elisabeth Stitt and Joyful Parenting Coaching?

I come to parenting coaching from 35+ years of tutoring, teaching, camp counseling and parenting.  I taught over 3000 students.  That means I have seen all kinds of kids, all kinds of parents and all kinds of families.  With over 50, 000 direct contact hours with kids of all ages, I have a deep bag of tricks for how to relate effectively to kids.  That means that while no one knows your child better than you do, I have almost certainly interacted with kids with similar personalities or learning styles.

Are you my ideal client?

You are pro-active (clearly, because here you are looking for a parenting coach!).  You have a growth mindset.  You believe that people are capable of changing and growing with practice, feedback and over time.  You are curious about finding out what strategies and approaches best support your child.  You know time takes change and are willing make the investment necessary to learn what will create lasting change in your family.

How I support transgender and non-binary client. 

Honestly, I have never been aware of having a transgender or non-binary client.  That being said, as a coach I keep returning to two main values: respect and curiosity.  Respect means that I always honor that you know more about your family, your children and being you than I can ever know.  Curiosity means that I am always looking to connect you to possibility and to support you in asking your own “I wonder” questions.  By generating questions, I am a sounding board, someone walking along side you through your journey of exploration.




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