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Julia Ragalie Tattoos Tattoo Artists Starts from 60.00

200 Oakton Ave, Pewaukee WI

Hello Friends!

My name is Julia (she/her/hers), and I’m a queer tattoo artist based just outside of Milwaukee, WI! The shop I work in is owned by amazing and accepting artists, and we strive to have our shop be a safe and comfortable space for every single person.

I have a degree in fine art and my background is in art therapy- I believe in the healing power of art, and I think that tattoos are one of the most pure forms of therapeutic art there is! I love helping folks find a design that expresses and means everything they hope it does. I’m happy to talk through your appointment and share stories, or listen about the meaning of your tattoo. Or if your vibe is more of a “put in some headphones and read a book”, that’s totally cool too! I do everything I can to make sure every single client who sits in my chair feels as comfortable and safe as possible. I jokingly refer to my tattoo station as the “Judgment Free Zone”, but it’s true! I will never judge you for your identity, your expression, your abilities, your needs, your preferences, or your tattoo ideas. I’m here to give you beautiful, lasting art, and make sure you have the most comfortable experience possible! (Even though, yknow. It’s my job to stab people :P)


You can book with me through my website!

I can’t wait to meet you!



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