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Labyrinth is a small local business based in Grimsby that offer a personal touch to a historical industry. Body piercing for us is our passion and we want to share this with you.

The studio is situated across two floors. The ground floor being were we showcase the jewellery that is available to you. This is done in a very personal manor where you get our full attention as well as expertise when it comes to choosing the right pierce of jewellery that is unique to you. We have an ever growing extensive collection that will fit to suit a whole manor of our non-binary and transgender clients, regardless of where you may be in your transition.

The ground floor is also where we fill in consent forms for procedures. This is where our forms have an area for you to state (if wanted) your prefered pronouns as well as an extra area for preferred name. This is something we deeply respect as a business and want you to have the best experience as possible, even right down to the boring parts of filling on forms.

The main studio itself is situated on the first floor. Rooms are private and lockable and discretion is important to us.

The main thing we want you to take from this is that non-binary and transgender clients are welcome in our business and we can’t want to see you… hopefully with some new shiny piercings.



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