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Life Craft Coaching Life Coaches 300.00 - 4,000.00

Sydney, Australia (and online)

Someone to walk beside you while you navigate this crazy journey called life!

Tracy (She, Her) is a bi-racial African and Irish women of colour and Founder and of Life Craft Coaching.

At Life Craft Coaching we offer a nurturing and empowering space of self-discovery and curiosity for our clients to uncover and transform past negative programming and repeated patterns, so they can embrace their passion and purpose for a life that is both emotionally fulfilling and financially rewarding.

We want to create a world that is more creative and inclusive for everyone because it’s full of diverse individuals in leadership and decision-making roles.  That means people can be the fullest version of themselves in the face of prejudice and oppression.  I help others rethink the possibilities by showing them how to get clear on their individual purpose so that they can achieve success (whatever it looks like) without a price tag, whether or not it is being a leader; figuring out career passions, building confidence while navigating through this crazy journey called life – all of which starts with discovering your true self!

How we’re supporting our transgender and non-binary clients

We’re always here to help our transgender and non-binary customers, regardless of where you are in your transition AND we offer your first session for FREE.

So, whether you’re looking for support with:

  • Stress, anxiety
  • Self-Confidence
  • Unresolved traumas
    You’ll find it all at Life Craft Coaching (offered remotely through Zoom Meeting)

Click HERE to book your first session for free!

Tracy is passionate about Gender Equity, Inclusion and Diversity and empowering others who perceive the most pressing life challenges to discover solutions drawn from a mindset of curiosity, creativity and self- love. She is passionate about sustainable results through the application of evidence based coaching tools and will take you on a journey filled with energy, fun and a little laughter too.

Tracy is a Transformational Coach and incorporates the revolutionary techniques pioneered by Pip McKay including Passion and Purpose Coaching ™, Masculine and Feminine Coaching ™, Matrix Therapies ® Coaching and Archetypal Coaching.  Tracy is also a Master Practitioner of NLP and Conscious Hypnosis and incorporates these modalities into a program tailored to her client needs, resulting in quick break throughs and lasting transformations.



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