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Tools, Support, & Education For Coping With Everyday Stressors

First, Light, Love & Levity, is a health and wellness website specializing in user-friendly natural health education, accessible both online and onsite in the Northwest Florida area. Second, we offer community yoga classes in the Navarre, Fl area. We sell services directly to consumers and community yoga outlets. We offer books, blogs, lists, and classes for yoga and natural living strategies that enrich your life through the everyday application. Everything you’re going through can be infinitely and compassionately supported through self-care. Our main focus is on the integration of positive mental, physical, and spiritual health modalities to help you live your best life, 24/7/365 IRL. Authenticity is key around here!  At the end of the day, we want to support your wellness journey in as many ways as we can. It is our mission to help you develop wellness practices that are just right for you.

How we’re supporting our transgender and non-binary customers

We’re always here to help our transgender and non-binary customers, regardless of where you are in your transition. There’s a wide range of practical support on offer, including:

  • Yoga classes that are intuitive, trauma-informed, and universally accessible.
  • Tools, lists, and dialogue are designed to help each other keep learning, as we educate others.

Getting the basics right

To reassure you:

Transgender and non-binary people are always welcome at Light, Love, and Levity. Our staff have been trained to respect your pronouns and identity, regardless of where you’re at in your transition. Please check the schedule of local classes to find Maegan Glidden, our official Light, Love, and Levity representative. It is our policy that all customers can enjoy classes fully and authentically as themselves, regardless of their gender presentation. This thing called LIFE; it’s a journey of total love my friends. Namaste.



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