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Matt Smith Personal and Professional Coaching Life Coaches 25.00 - 100.00

Kirk Ella

I offer personal and professional leadership coaching. How we lead our lives at home and at work is vital to our personal success story.
I use an approach called Connected Living that focuses on 3 areas:

1. Connected Self; to connect with ourselves we first need to learn how we can care for ourselves and maintain a mentally healthy life, then we need to understand how we view the world and what we value.

3. Connected to Others; once we have connected with ourselves we can then make meaningful connections to those around us, by understanding ourselves we will feel better able to make meaningful connections with the right people rather than the people we think we should connect with.

3. Commitment to Action and Making a Difference; for coaching to be real we must take action and make a real difference to how we lead our lives. So the final part is to navigate our way through to our connected life and make new long lasting habits.



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