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Out Of Your Shell Transitions Coach Life Coaches Up to 2,000.00

phillipsburg, nj

I was raised female in a conservative Christian family. As a young person I identified as a lesbian, which was opposed by the Christian tradition I grew up in. Years of deep soul searching helped me realize that my sexuality need not conflict with my faith. This ultimately paved the way for me to openly affirm myself as a transgender man.

I have spent years partnering with people as they have navigated through some of their most significant life changes. Most of my experience so far has come from my innate desire to journey with people in a place of deep authenticity, offering a safe space when they are at their most vulnerable. As you might imagine, when I was introduced to the concept of becoming a professional life coach, I was delighted to find a perfect home for my gifts and talents.

Coaching is helpful for a multitude of things that might be getting in the way of you making progress toward your goals, and I would be eager to have a conversation with you about what exactly is holding you back. The focus for my practice, however, is life transitions. You may be experiencing a situational transition such as dating, marriage, divorce, or empty nest. Or you may be dealing with a fundamental transition in identity such as a shift in your spiritual trajectory, a weight loss journey, an evolving understanding of your sexuality, or new realizations about your gender identity.

My coaching approach is practical, relatable and authentic. I have worked with people from a variety of ages, genders, cultures and races. If you would like a partner in your life transition, please send me a message and set up a time for us to have a free introductory conversation.

I’m in the process of earning my credentials as a professional life coach, specializing in life transitions of every sort. I currently live in New Jersey, but conduct online sessions via Zoom no matter where you are located.

I gladly accept speaking engagements at schools, churches, and other institutions wanting to better understand transitions, including but not limited to the transgender community.



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