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Papercraft Miracles Other 5.00 - 10,000.00

1888 Niagara St. Buffalo, NY 14207

Papercraft Miracles is an eco-friendly handmade paper company specializing in sustainable weddings & events and interiors. When I started Papercraft Miracles in college in 2003, I got a lot of “you want to make paper and books??! Don’t you have the internet??!”  And “No one is going to write letters in the future…it’s all going on LiveJournal!”  But I persisted with my dream of building this company anyway because I knew, deep down, that humans need that physical aspect to our communication.  After a few years of the initial obsession with social media, e-vites and such, people started to come back around to the importance of journaling by hand and the impact a beautiful handwritten letter could have one someone else. People were literally starving for tangible communication.  And here I was with my little company, making paper and sewing books by hand, and I’d been doing it all along.

As a little girl, I was always finding ways to reuse things that most people thought were trash. I remember once making an entire outfit out of plastic grocery bags, including the shoes! So when I was finally able to purchase papermaking equipment in 2016, I knew I wanted to keep repurposing things in my products.  It helps to keep our costs low, which is great, but, more importantly, it’s better for the world to reuse things. Is it easier? Of course not, but here at Papercraft Miracles,  we love a good creative problem solving session. My team and I create recycled handmade paper from office shreddings, church and school fliers, egg cartons, fabric scraps, wilted flowers, spent hops from breweries and more. We even once cut up pieces of plastic Starbucks straws and made paper with them just to see if we could find a way to make something new out of something that is so wasteful in such a pervasive way.  We source a lot of this material from other local companies to help them reduce waste as well.

Our commitment to sustainability goes much further than making recycled paper though. Our studio has 64 solar panels on the roof that provide 90% of the power used in the entire building (which also houses 2 other businesses and my home). We have solar heated hot water in the whole building as well. We only use 100% compostable packaging for all of our products and we encourage our customers to reuse the packaging before composting it. On the paper floral design side of our business,  we made a commitment to eliminating our use of new floral foam in our arrangements.  We have upcycled styrofoam packing peanuts, onion and avocado net bags, bubble mailers and more into our paper flower arrangements–all things that are notoriously hard to recycle or reuse. We also use hard spun cotton balls instead of styrofoam balls for flower centers, buds and such. We haven’t purchased any new styrofoam for over a year. We are always looking for ways to repurpose materials in the studio and to lower our carbon footprint. We hope you enjoy your little Papercraft Miracles as much as we enjoyed making them.

We are committed to the fight for equity and justice. A portion of all sales is donated to support organizations who are actively working to combat racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia and transphobia in our community and across the United States.


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