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Penny Beale intuitive coach Life Coaches 55.00 - 3,500.00

Island Bay Wellington

It’s time to


and to allow in…

  • soul nourishing relationships
  • feeling sooo good in your own skin
  • living abundantly

You want to be the weaver of your world, to create magical experiences on a daily basis that you feel…

and that, beautiful human, means honouring yourself at a whole new level.

Because, when you discover, and honour your true amazing self, it becomes easy to make choices aligned with the life you desire.

Your energy, confidence and attractiveness will amplify, magnetising high vibe experiences, people and opportunities to you.

A brief head’s up to what’s involved

Getting to know, and honour who you really are is a magical exploration, and I believe, the most valuable one for anyone to take.

I’ll help you gain clarity of who you are at soul level and what you need to thrive that’s different from those around you.

My coaching combines Life Alignment, Life Coaching, The Feel It Process/Emotional & Trauma Release and my own intuitive healing. A big part of how I work is helping you identify and trust in your own intuitive skills, which will assist you to thrive in every area of your life.

Through my training as a Life Alignment therapist, my experience working with many clients and my own personal healing journey, I’ve learnt to get to the root cause of what blocks us from honouring ourselves and manifesting the lives we want.

Is this for me?

To ask for help often isn’t easy, and to trust you’ve chosen the right person to support you can be confusing. One of the most important results you’ll gain from working with me, is experiencing greater and greater trust in yourself, and I’ll never ask you to trust me over your own intuition. Unless I’m telling you how great you are, because I’m 100% right about that.

So, I’m going to ask you to trust yourself now, does working with me feel right?

Our minds are so great at talking us out of good decisions which delay us getting what we want. So, if I feel like the right person to support you, I encourage you to book your discovery session in now.

If however it doesn’t feel right to work with me, keep looking because there’s always someone out there to support you that will feel right. But don’t let fear stop you…

something can feel right and scary at the same time.

Fear so often arises when we’re about to elicit a big change. After all fear and excitement reside in the same place in the body.

So with that in mind if it feels right to work with me, let’s book in your discovery session now.

Your discovery session is 100% obligation free because this is about making great decisions that support you, so you’ll never feel like you “should” do anything.



  • Online one to one

    Individual session 90mins

  • Honouring Yourself to Live YOUR Way

    Online 3 month Coaching programme



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