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Ringstar Studio Gyms 10.00 - 100.00

3907 Varsity Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48108

A Passion for Aerial and Movement Arts

Ringstar Studio is a place for people who want to learn new things, challenge themselves, and have fun in the process. Our instructors create a welcoming atmosphere and encourage excellence without the pressures of competition, because movement and aerial arts are for everyone, regardless of size, race, religion, or gender. No prior experience is needed for most of our classes!

  • Aerial Silks classes train students in this increasingly popular circus art. Learn how to climb, lock, and wrap a pair of “silk” ribbons around yourself while building super strong hands, arms, upper body, and some killer abs, legs, and booty. You can pursue it for the joy of performing, as your primary source of exercise, or just for something fun to do.
  • AIReal Yoga is a yoga class that uses a “silk” hammock as the primary prop. Don’t let it fool you, though- this is yoga, not circus. The focus is on proper alignment and execution of postures for maximum physical benefit, and on maintaining proper breathing for maximum mental benefit. Classes are rewarded with the sweet bliss of a floating savasana at the end! We are the only AIReal Yoga certified studio in town.
  • Other classes are also available at our facility, including self defense, stage combat, and flexibility training, and we offer open practice times a couple times a week as well. Check our website for the latest in offerings!

How We Support Our Transgender and Non-Binary Community Members

We treat everyone exactly the same: with respect as human beings, and with respect to each individual’s needs depending on skill level.

  • Anatomical differences are only considered with regard to personal comfort and safety (for example, people with male genitalia are encouraged to wear dance belts during aerial silks classes for these reasons).
  • We have one bathroom and one shower, both of which are unisex.


Come for a Year, Come for a Day

If you’re just passing through the A2 area, feel free to stop in for a drop-in class! Make sure you register online before coming to guarantee your spot.

(Some classes don’t require preregistration. Not sure which is which? Email us and ask- we’ll help you figure it out!)

Why Aren’t Your Hours Listed??

Our schedule changes frequently. Once again, check out our website to see what the latest class times are.


  • Drop-In Aerial Classes

    Aerial Silks, AIReal Yoga

  • Open Gym

    Two hours of practice time w/o instruction



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