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Roxxi & Sioux Tattoo & Barber Shop Tattoo Artists 25.00 - 200.00


Hey.. Welcome Roxxi & Sioux Tattoo & Barber Shop stocking Sass + Co. Body a plant-based vegan skincare range that speaks to badass, body-positive brave babes around the globe.

I’m Colette, the founder of all of the above. I have a gutsy work ethic and a terrier-like instinct when it comes to doing the right thing. Aside from creating a fierce skincare biz, it’s my mission to educate people on the harmful effects of the carcinogens and chemicals contained in so many big-brand skincare products.
I grew up in rural Australia in the 70-80s and had to fight for my right to express myself – it was haaarrrrd core! I hope for a better world for the next gen 🙂 X


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