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You: Four-Point-Oh

At Shatter the Pattern Mental Health Coaching, our focus is on helping you move through the four stages of emotional trauma.

  1. Victim – A word we loathe! Nevertheless, it applies to most of us at some point in our lives. We cannot control our environment, making us a victim of it. But victimhood is not where we want to get stuck. It involves continuing to exist inside of the trauma. An example is living in the shadow of a narcissistic mother.
  2. Survivor – Great on paper, but what does it really mean? Is survival enough? If you were to survive an IED explosion as a paraplegic, consider the ongoing bodily trauma. Without intervention, recovery is impossible. Funny, isn’t it, how hard we push for a person’s physical recovery, how many hundreds or even thousands of hours we allow them for treatment, but turn around and expect them to heal their emotional wounds, their PTSD, in a matter of weeks. Survival is living as though, responding as though we are still inside of the trauma. It’s the military veteran who doesn’t see the point in doing their physical therapy. And who still cowers upon hearing any loud noise.
  3. Thriver – This needs to be the word for a post-Covid world. This is reserved for people who have taken their power back. Sure, much control was wrested from us as we strove to keep our neighbours’ safe, but – and I apologise for using the word – look at how we pivoted. Businesses that were able to think laterally and adapt their business model for an online world thrived. Regaining control is the focus of this, most important of the four stages.
  4. Victor – This is when you’ve won life! Not only have you taken your power back – and don’t ever forget that the soul you arrived here with had plenty! – you are flourishing so well that you are able to reach your hand down to help another up.

We don’t presume to know what your journey was like, but then we never do. There are almost eight billion people on this earth and just as many stories. There might be some themes that are more common than others, but we treat everyone we serve as the wonderful, unique human that they are.

We always offer a free consultation to assess your needs and assure that we can meet them. If we cannot, we will work with you to find a colleague who can.



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