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Soul to Soul Wellness 14.00 - 2,250.00

Ocean City, New Jersey


The mission of Soul to Soul is to help others live more peaceful, more fulfilling, and more authentic lives. There are a few ways we can work together:

Reiki Energy Healing (Distance sessions, so no matter where you are on this great big planet, we can work together).

Intuitive Readings (Distance readings that allow me to access and explore your energy field, looking into your conscious and subconscious thoughts that are either serving or blocking you from living how you want to be living and creating the life you truly desire. These are combined with Reiki Energy Healing to give you the very best energy and information to move forward in life).

Private Yoga Sessions (Distance via Zoom, so we can work together no matter where you are and regardless of time zone)!

Beach Yoga Sessions (In person, in the summer, if you happen to be in or near Ocean City, New Jersey)!

Four Weeks to Freedom (A program for massive change to help you align with your soul, deepen the connection you have with you, and navigate the world feeling free and powerful).

– Manifest with the Moon (An online course to help you learn how to work with the energy of the moon and allow it to assist you on your life and spiritual journey).

I believe: 

I believe that you have the right to explore the depths of your heart and soul and live life from that space. I’ve found that people are happiest when they live life on their terms, not anyone else’s, including but not limited to familial, societal, and cultural influences.

I believe the connection that one has with one self is the most important connection of all and I will work diligently with you to help you forge that connection and deepen in self-love, self-acceptance, and self-compassion.

I believe that with a deepened connection to oneself, you can do anything you set your mind to and feel safe and supported in doing so.

I love: 

I love working with sweet souls from all over the globe as they find their way back home to themselves! I love going to great depths with people, listening to their stories, holding space for their healing, supporting, guiding, encouraging, and loving them along the way. I love that I get to wake up every morning and do exactly what I want to do with my life and it is my mission to make sure as many people as possible get to do this very same thing.

Please check out my website for more information or connect with me via any of my socials listed below. Reach out it you have any questions or want to know more about how we can work together. Set up a free consultation call here. If you don’t happen to find a time slot that works for you, please reach out and I will create one.

And if you’re in the area, stop by and say hi and do a little yoga with us on the beach!

Whether we ever work together or not, I hope you have the courage and strength to live the life you want to live, to never tell yourself no, and that you find the love, peace, and happiness that already exists within you and bring it to the surface so you can enjoy it all the days of your life.


Erica Onofrio, Founder and Owner of Soul to Soul



  • Just Reiki (Distance Energy Healing)

    Just Reiki without a reading! Clear and align your chakras and come into closer alignment with your heart and soul.

  • Reiki Trainings (Distance via Zoom)

    Training for Reiki levels 1, 2, and Master. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that can help you tremendously on your spiritual journey. By learning how to give Reiki, you open up your higher chakras and create the space for incredible self healing in addition to being able to help others heal. This is a beautiful modality for self-love, self-acceptance, and self-compassion. Each level is taught separately with a waiting period in between.

  • Private Yoga (Distance via Zoom)

    Private yoga sessions of vinyasa (the commonly seen,

  • Beach Yoga (in person in Ocean City, New Jersey)

    Yoga on the beach for those nearby in Ocean City, New Jersey in the summer months! Come catch some sun rays and some yoga poses, a little love and inner peace, and connect to yourself and the Earth! These classes are hosted during the summer months. Check my website for full details, times, and places.

  • Four Weeks to Freedom (Distance)

    This is an intensive program to help you move past your past, release fears, insecurities, and all that no longer serves you. Move into a space of greater self love and a deeper connection with your own self, as well as open up your higher chakras for a greater experience of life. This program includes yin yoga, reiki, intuitive readings, spiritual coaching, journaling, assignments, meditations, and more. Set up a phone consultation for further details and to see if you are a good fit!

  • Manifest with the Moon

    An online course helping you learn how to manifest with the energy of the moon! You'll learn about the eight phases of the moon and how they can help you on your life journey of spiritual growth, manifestation, and more! This is an ongoing course that has an open enrollment. It is designed to begin with the New Moon (there is one each month). Check out the website to learn more and enroll today.



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