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The Body Barber™ Aesthetic Clinics 20.00 - 900.00

St Kilda Junction

The Body Barber Vision:

The Body Barber is proactive in promoting and achieving high quality and meticulous body hair grooming that is individually client focused, sensitive to cultural backgrounds, gender identity and provided with the utmost discretion.

The clinic is staffed by a professional cismale aesthetician (gender identity that is, not sexual identity), is highly skilled and committed to listening to your needs.

Using the various modalities of waxing, body clipping, permanent hair reduction/diode laser or ‘shaving’, I’ll provide guidance in helping you to achieve your goals in body hair management in an aesthetic and natural way.

I believe in treating all clients with respect in a comfortable, relaxed and private environment and committed to continuous quality in my work and the service that I provide.

“If There’s Hair, I’ll Go There”

The Body Barber is not a beauty salon, I don’t do facials etc …. it’s not a ‘barber’ as I don’t cut the hair on your scalp, It’s not just a waxing clinic as I do laser as well as massage, so even The Body Barber is having to find it’s own place in the business world of what is the stereotypical ‘beauty salon’.

Working with various groups within our community and listening to their personal experiences, I understand that it’s very difficult for some to feel totally relaxed and comfortable going in to the ‘standard’ beauty salon. Whether one has had sex reassignment surgery or not, those that are ‘passing’, ‘going full-time’, ‘going stealth’, or even those ‘detransitioning’ my focus is on the individual’s body hair needs, building up a rapport and creating that space of trust, respect and openness so that you can come in wearing what feels comfortable, and be the person you are.

This is a private clinic and by appointment only.



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