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The Body of Knowledge – Mindful Coach Therapists and Psychiatrists 200.00 - 1,500.00


This Mindful Coaching Service has been uniquely created to understand the process of our biological existence and who we are under these masks that our social conditionings force us to wear…? We face many trauma’s when we deny our true self in order to please others around us. Though when we reach this point of crisis our lives normally feel irreversible and complex.  This creative programme has been formed to help people during these difficult times to allow people to reconnect with their universal identity – to be biologically free from the trauma of our social conditionings. This is a deep routed healing process that will allow individuals to move out of these trauma cycles. We can face many complexities within our existence when we are denying our true self. This program will help to rebuild our confidence – allowing individuals to identify with themselves in a new light that allows individuals to build a healthy relationship with themselves and the world around them. It’s an interesting program, where clients are valued and they can always remain in this service.  I write daily mindful blogs and this is a journal that is created to help the ongoing progress of enhancing our mental health development during these difficult times. This mindful service and mindful coaching blog will help guide individuals – at all times. In this service you have a choice to buy the required mindful minutes for a 1 to 1 online sessions. Mindful Clients will have an opportunity to connect with me outside of these mindful minutes – in case of an emergency via e-mail or text, where I will get back to you – to help guide you further.  Our Mindful clients are part of a community – therefore, this program works beyond this service, we are always connected in this healing process. Find out more by visiting my Mindful Service page.  Thank you Jag




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