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The Intuitive Interior Wellness Up to 600.00


Beverly Biehl is a Feng Shui Master, Creation Catalyst, Energy Alchemist, a Coincidence Creator, and more.

Her clients seek her out when they feel overwhelmed, unfulfilled and unsatisfied and are ready to shift into a space of Joy and Abundance.

Common reasons people hire Beverly:
Increase Wealth & Prosperity
Attract or Enhance a Loving Relationship
Improve Health and Sleep
Remove Feelings of Overwhelm

As a Feng Shui Master, we partner with your external environment to create beauty, ease, balance, and financial stability.

As an Energy Alchemist, I remind you of your inner wholeness, teaching you to transform through gentle visualizations and creative anchoring practices in your physical space.

As a Creation Catalyst, we look at your past experiences with an eye towards healing and transformation.

As a Coincidence Creator, we shift your perspective from “I’m not lucky and good things happen to other people” to a reality filled with magic, miracles, and good luck galore!

As an Intuitive Coach, we shift your nagging feeling that you aren’t worthy, aren’t enough, aren’t deserving or lovable, once and for all.

The goal is to open up the knowing that you now live in a world filled with new colors and possibilities. My clients have called working with me “Life Changing” and know that I can bring calm to even the most distressing crisis.

If you understand that to push past a perceived block, a perspective shift is necessary, then let’s talk. My desire is to assist you in using an ancient “road map” to look at the stories that your external environment is reflecting back to you.

Once that has happened, you can decide how to shift things mentally, emotionally, and physically to achieve the comfort and ease you desire in your life. The ancient philosophy of feng shui acts as the anchor and reminder for those mindset shifts.



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