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The Mama Movement Personal Trainers 90.00 - 250.00

The Mama Movement is an exercise studio offering virtual and in-person services to folks trying to conceive, folks who are pregnant and postpartum and those grieving pregnancy or infant loss. We help guide and support folks on their personal journeys by offering virtual services such as exercise classes, 1-1 sessions, consultations and exercise programming.

We believe exercise to not only be a physical movement, but an emotional one as well, meant to help us connect with ourselves and our community. Every person’s journey is unique and different and our services reflect these exact needs.

​We help folks of all fitness levels to continue moving in ways that feel good during pregnancy in order to prepare for birth. During the postpartum journey, we guide and support the return to exercise while considering all physical, mental and emotional aspects. We help pregnant and postpartum people manage symptoms and pain present during all while strengthening the core & pelvic floor.

How we’re supporting our transgender and non-binary customers

We’re always here to support our transgender and non-binary customers, regardless of where they are on their journeys. We strive to create a community where we feel safe to share our experiences, our joys, our failures, our fears, and show up to support one another without shame or judgement. Our virtual and in-person studios are a space for you to move and connect with yourself and your community.

We believe that your pronouns and identity matter incredibly and that’s why you will find that all of our forms will ask for your pronouns and in which way you would like to be addressed. When discussing pregnancy, birth, postpartum or loss, we use inclusive language so that everyone feels acknowledged and seen. We are committed to continuously learn how to better show-up and support our community.




  • Virtual Postnatal Consultation

    We discuss the birthing experience, talk about incontinence, prolapse, diastasis recti, core engagement, goals and so much more!

  • Virtual Prenatal Consultation

    We discuss your pregnancy journey, pains or discomforts, pelvic floor symptoms and your goals!

  • Virtual 1-1 Coaching

    We discuss ALL of the things. We want exercise to support your physical, mental and emotional health and honour the season you are in!

  • Virtual exercise classes

    Join us for some fun workouts!

  • Monthly membership program

    You can join our monthly membership program where you receive new exercise programs, education, support and more!

  • Exercise programming

    Looking for a personalized program to do at home? Let's work together!



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