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Hello, my name is Lisa (She/ Her/ They/ Them).  Welcome to Thinking Feeling Moving.  This is a place to heal on many levels.  On your journey of healing, you will learn about yourself, and I’m here to help you feel better in your mind, your body and in relationships.  I work globally (mostly) online offering a unique skillset of Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy and Yoga Therapy.

Services that I offer you in healing:

My practice is based online as I am quite nomadic.  As a Psychosexual Relationship Therapist (student), and Yoga Therapist,  my aim is to provide a safe environment where my clients can feel comfortable in their own bodies, and can feel safe in sharing their intimate thoughts and problems without fear of judgement. I honour all gender, sexual orientations, and relationship diversities (GSRD). I am a queer, kink-knowledgeable therapist and I take a sex positive approach to compulsive sexual behaviours and pornography use.  This is a safe space for you.


Issues that I can help with as a Psychosexual Relationship Therapist (student) include:


•            consensual non-monogamy

•            erection problems

•            inability to orgasm

•            infertility

•            low sexual desire

•            painful intercourse

•            premature/early ejaculation

•            problematic porn use

•            relationship problems – couples and poly

•            sex, gender, erotic and relationship identity concerns

•            sexual compulsions

•            specific sexual interests (BDSM, kinks and fetishes)

•            vaginismus


Issues that I can help with as a Yoga Therapist include:

·              Back pain such as strain or disc herniation, SI Joint dysfunction and sciatica.

·              Scoliosis

·              Auto-Immune disorders

·            Anxiety and Depression

·            Chronic fatigue

·             Frozen shoulder

·             Recovery from surgery

·             Recovery from illness

·             Being a healthy weight

·             Better sleep

·             Better digestion

·             Working through a period of transition in their life

Yoga Therapy Programmes are individualised programmes designed for your body to heal.  Upon assessment you are provided with a link to a private video of a programme for you to follow and practice.  The programme is highly specialised for your unique individual needs.  Follow up sessions are filmed as a practice for you to follow as you heal.

Yoga Classes

I also Teach Yoga privately online and sometimes teach drop in community classes (depending on where I am as I often travel).  I am a Hatha Yoga Teacher and can also teach Yin and Restorative Yoga.  As your Yoga Teacher, you learn about yoga which is so much more than just ‘doing’ it.

A winning combination

As a Psychosexual & Relationship Therapist (student), and Yoga Therapist I have a unique specialist skillset which is wonderful in improving a multitude of sexual health problems.



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