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We are Calgary’s Premier Piercing Studio – Offering body Piercings, Dermal Anchors, Scarification, Branding, Laser Tattoo Removal and Custom Body Jewelry Manufacturing.

Tribal Expression has been regarded as one of the most up-to-date, friendly, professional piercing environments.  We pride ourselves in our advanced transparent sterilization techniques and aseptic piercing procedures.  Here at Tribal Expression we implement the highest possible sterilization standards in Canada, the same standards you would see at a plastic surgeons office.  We feel this is only right as any invasive procedure can be life threatening if proper sterlization protocols are not met.

Here at Tribal we are so proud of our sterilization techniques that we have a sterilization room that is viewable from our waiting area. We are one of the few shops in the world where you can watch your individual sterilization process be done right before your eyes.

Tribal Expression is a family owned corporation and are firm believers of old school business practices, “taking care of customers” and quality workmanship.  We provide quality jewelry and piercings and at Tribal, will not sacrifice your health and safety to make an extra buck.

Our body jewelry is hand-made in-shop.  This way we can guarantee that ALL our jewelry is made of the highest quality Implant-Grade Metals.



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  • Sam Smith
    July 5, 2021 at 9:26 pm

    very professional i recommend getting pierced and getting jewelry here if you live in Calgary 🙂 trans friendly

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