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At Velarde Voice you will learn how your voice, that hidden instrument, works in one-on-one singing lessons with an experienced voice coach. As a musician, you’ll find new ways to use vocal tools you already have in voice lessons from a caring and dedicated singing teacher. You’ll learn new ways to play with your vocal sounds in rock, pop, singer-songwriter and other amplified styles—we’ll work together to figure out your vocal goals and find a plan of action. Your voice and your goals are most important. You will be challenged with honesty and support. You will be encouraged and given the tools to succeed. You will find that your voice can be everything you want it to be. You absolutely can learn to direct the voice that lives inside your body with intent, efficiency and dependability for maximum effect and communication.

Here’s the truth: The human body was designed for sound. Our brain is literally hard-wired for pitch and rhythm. We are BORN to sing. Let’s help you find your authentic voice.

My “superpower” is that I believe in you. I am an experienced voice coach—I have spent years teaching musicians vocal skills so they can sing and trust their voice. I have been giving private singing lessons since 1993. I am an ally to all trans-singers, including my son. I have taught singers who had been told never to sing to make sound with confidence, pitch, and communication. I have helped talented working singers develop more efficient and effective techniques, freeing up their artistry in ways never before available. I am passionate that singing is a fundamental human right and that everybody can sing. Everyone should be able to trust their voice and the sounds that come out.

I offer both online and in-person lessons (once COVID settles down, and based upon full vaccination).

Trust your vocal sound.

Play with communication.

Sing to your maximum potential.

Reveal Your Hidden Instrument.



  • Initial Fit Session

    In the Initial Fit Session, we will discuss your vocal goals. Please come to the session with questions and be ready to play and explore!

  • 3-Month Subscription

    This package includes nine (9) lessons with expert teacher Rachel. All lessons are to be scheduled within a three-month period. There is no cancellation fee (prior to the start of the appointment), and you are responsible to ensure all appointments are scheduled within the given time frame. After the initial three-month period is completed, the student is eligible for the


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