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Angel Face Jewellery

Angel Face Jewellery


Product Description

I am a very experienced Piercer offering a comprehensive range of above and below waist piercings as well as piercing training. Prices, pictures and information can be found at:

I use Titanium jewellery as standard but clients are welcome to upgrade to implant grade Titanium or 14 carat Gold for an extra fee. I pierce using both blade and Cannula needles.

The studio is based in Ramsbottom, Lancashire and bookings are by appointment only. I do not charge for consultations and I am delighted to welcome anyone who wishes to book in a visit to check out the studio before committing to having a piercing done.

For my Trans and Non-Binary Clients

  • I will never ask you (or anyone) to state your gender on a medical consent form.
  • I will always respect your pronouns and unless you tell me otherwise, I will address you as you are presenting.
  • I have no qualms discussing your planned or historic surgeries and will only ask questions which I know to be relevant to the piercing you are having done.
  • There are no gender signs anywhere in my shop or studio.
  • The piercing studio is a fully private room.
  • Appointment only bookings ensure privacy for all my clients. Appointment times can be extended if required so nobody has to feel rushed.

A bit of honesty from me….

To be truthful, when one of my (many) Trans clients suggested I placed a listing here I was unsure why it was necessary for me to do so. This is because it would honestly never occur to me to exclude or treat someone differently because of their gender identity (or any such characteristic). I realised though that whilst you being Trans is honestly no big deal to me, it is a big deal to you and that I need to show you that the person about to stick needles in you is someone you can feel safe with. That is why I placed a listing in here.

In general

I have clients from many walks of life with bodies of all shapes and sizes. I am blessed to have spent a long time piercing and over many years I have been able to make my clients feel shiny and special with my needles. This is something I consider a privilege whether your piercing needs are simple or extreme!





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