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Artemis Birthing Services

Artemis Birthing Services


Product Description

Hello, my name is Aiya,

I am a pansexual Doula based in Auckland, New Zealand. I aim to help to all birthing people to have a positive and supportive birthing experience. To provide unbiased information and non-judgemental support.

I am a trained member of DONA International, and I run my company, Artemis Birthing Services, because I am passionate about pregnancy, birth and postpartum care, including breast and chestfeeding support.
I believe in empowering birthing people and their families to have the best birthing environment and experience.



A Doula does not make decisions for you, nor project their personal preferences onto you. Doulas help you to get the information you want, and the knowledge you need to make informed decisions in your birth.

“We are the only species that can doubt its capacity to give birth” said Ina May Gaskin, Doulas are there to take that doubt away, and to empower you.


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