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Ashley Syer Law Corporation and Gastown Mediation

Ashley Syer Law Corporation and Gastown Mediation


Product Description

Law can be complicated. I like to find simple and practical ways to help people solve their legal problems.

Most of what I do breaks down into the following areas:

Employment Law: Got a new job? Lost one? Need some advice about your legal rights when it comes to your work or employees? I can help!

I advise and represent employees with all sorts of workplace issues, including:

  • Reviewing employment contracts
  • Reviewing severance package offers
  • Wrongful dismissal
  • Workplace harassment

I also give advice to employers who need advice about hiring or terminating an employee, and workplace policies and problems. I am available to employers for workplace investigations and workplace mediations.

Civil Litigation: Civil litigation is a catch-all term that refers to any dispute that two or more parties have, where they’re seeking either money, or for the other party to do or stop doing something. Civil Litigation covers a wide range of topics, and sadly, can sometimes be anything but civil for the parties in the dispute.

Some of the types of civil litigation I deal with are:

  • Contract disputes
  • Debt claims
  • Defamation
  • Business disputes
  • Professional liability

Administrative Law: ​Headed to a tribunal? Not sure what a tribunal is? That’s ok – I can help. Certain kinds of disputes are handled by tribunals, instead of by courts. That means that the processes are different, and so are the possible outcomes.

I help clients at different tribunals, including:

  • Human Rights Tribunal
  • Residential Tenancy Branch
  • ​Professional regulatory boards

​Sometimes clients need help applying to review a decision from a tribunal. I can help with that too. ​

Residential Tenancy: Tenancy troubles? I help both landlords and tenants understand their rights and obligations in residential tenancies.

I help clients with all sorts of tenancy issues, including:

  • Drafting and reviewing tenancy agreements
  • Advising landlords and tenants of their rights and responsibilities under the Residential Tenancy Act
  • Representing clients at Residential Tenancy Branch arbitrations
  • Helping clients prepare for arbitrations


Mediation empowers the parties in a dispute, and allows for creative solutions that a court could never come up with. Mediation can also be much more efficient and cost-effective than going through litigation.

Mediation takes the “what if” out of going to trial. The parties get to craft their own solutions to their problems with the help of a skilled mediator, instead of having a judge impose an outcome on them. When you get to have some say in the outcome of your dispute, it can be much easier to get back to the more important things in your life.

We can help all the parties to a dispute reach a resolution they can live with, by working with the parties to craft their own unique solution. We mediate for parties who have their own lawyers, or those who are representing themselves. ​

We also facilitate difficult discussions in the workplace or between business partners, neighbours, or anyone else trying to work through challenging conversations. We can help you figure out what your interests are, find some common ground, and work toward a compromise.

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