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AVA Piercing Company

AVA Piercing Company


Product Description

It can be intimidating to get a new piercing or even change out jewelry in a healed piercing. When you choose to get pierced here we can guarantee all of your jewelry will be ASTM F-136 Implant Grade Titanium, solid 14k gold, and/or solid 18k gold. We will only ever pierce with the highest quality materials and nickel free jewelry. We’re here to make this process comfortable and easy!

Your body deserves the best. Not only do we use the highest quality jewelry available, we also take every other precaution we can think of to give you the safest experience possible. That means that when we pierce you, everything down to our gloves will be sterile. We use a Statim autoclave to sterilize all tools and jewelry on site and are a completely single use studio. That just means that you can be confident that we are providing the cleanest piercing that we can!

We only carry nickel free, hand polished, implant grade jewelry with a lifetime warranty. Everything we use is either 14k, 18k, niobium, or F-136 Implant Grade Titanium.

Our jewelry selection is ever changing and we cannot guarantee that any specific piece will be in stock at any given time. We carry hundreds of different sizes and designs in our studio so you will always have plenty of options! If you are interested in a piece of jewelry or in an online jewelry consultation, please contact us on Instagram @avapiercing, through our contact form, or through email at [email protected] If we do not have the perfect piece in stock, we can order it! We can even order your favorite piece of jewelry with different gemstones or in a different color of gold. If you can imagine it, we can order it!



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