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Bambino Baby

Bambino Baby


Product Description

Bambino Baby is a babywearing specialist and baby gift boutique situated in the beautiful town of Petersfield, Hampshire.  The shop is owned and run by me, Roamy (pronouns she/her), one of the UK’s most experienced Babywearing Consultants.

Roamy says:

You’ll only see me in the shop – there are no assistants or holiday cover – so you can rest assured that you will always receive the best service, regardless of when you visit.

Having a baby is a really exciting time yet sometimes it can feel very much aimed at ‘heteronormative’ and going to a baby shop may make people who don’t fit the stereotype feel concerned they may be less welcomed.  Nothing could be further from the truth at Bambino Baby – all people are genuinely welcomed with a warm smile and a friendly face.

There are no presumptions made on family units and all the baby gifts and stock has been selected to appeal to all.

There’s no ‘Mummy/Daddy’ branding – milestones cards really are just that – the baby’s milestones – and the beautiful ‘Baby Book of You’ is specifically designed to be inclusive; making no assumptions on family or developmental milestones.

I’m always here to help my transgender and non-binary customers, regardless of where you are in your transition.

The shop has a spacious baby change and toilet, as well as a comfortable seating area where you can sit and feed baby – whether you’re chest feeding, bottle feeding or other.

The baby carriers and slings stocked are suitable for all but – as with most things – it’s very personal as to what fits the individual best and what they find most comfortable and easy to use.  I have demo versions of all the carriers and slings I retail, so you can try them out – either with a demo doll or your baby.  I have extensive experience of working with people following surgery and am understanding and considerate to all.

Customers are welcome to come to the shop during usual working hours to try on carriers and get expert help and advice at any time – no need to book an appointment. However, there’s also the option to book a private, one-to-one Consultation – either in your home or at the shop – if you would prefer this.  This can be particularly beneficial when baby is little, or if you’d prefer more time, without the distraction of other customers coming in to the shop.  These consultations can also be done via video-call (helpful if you already have a carrier that you’d like help with, or if you’d like to view options before purchasing online).

Private, one-to-one Consultations can be booked:
Monday: 9am-3pm
Tuesday: 3-6pm
Friday: 3-6pm

To reassure you:

Transgender and non-binary people are always welcome at Bambino Baby, and I respect your pronouns and identity, regardless of where you’re at in your transition


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