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Beachcombers Henna Studio and Supply

Beachcombers Henna Studio and Supply


Product Description

Nothing makes you feel quite as beautiful as when you are wearing a henna tattoo! I’m not talking about theme park henna at a booth where you pick a design and pay. I’m talking about custom henna with a professional artist.

Get a genuine piece of henna art applied to you with care and purpose by Jody who will create a living piece art with an entire lifespan for you to enjoy. Enjoy the application of henna, the 2-3 days of the stain slowly darkening on your skin, the lovely final stain result, then the slow disappearance of this art.

Jody has been doing henna since 1999. She mixes her own henna from the highest-quality ingredients, teaches workshops at Beachcombers’ Studio, and teaches at henna conferences throughout the country.

In addition, we are a full-service worldwide professional henna supplier (and one of the largest suppliers in the USA) and offer…

  • Henna kits for beginners
  • Refills of henna consumables for professional artists
  • High-quality hair henna and indigo for customers and professional stylists. (Henna for natural hair)
  • Applicator bottles and other henna accessories
  • Discounted bulk quantities

No-contact product pickup appointments are available for the entire Beachcombers’ catalog, including¬†henna products and accessories along with our other items (shoes, bangles, bindi, or earrings).


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