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Bliss Lifestyle Therapies, LLC

Bliss Lifestyle Therapies, LLC


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Health is happiness. Good health is essential to being able to live the life you want.

Research shows Lifestyle Therapy is the single greatest way to achieve hyper-wellness, strengthen the immune system, and even prevent or reverse diseases like heart disease, hypertension, certain cancers, and type 2 diabetes.

The inseparable components of Lifestyle Therapy: stress reduction, nutrition, and exercise are synergistically combined in individualized programs to get powerful results. Because the components are familiar, people overlook their relationship and often make the mistake of only doing one or two components separately, losing as much as 70% of their results.

Lifestyle Therapy is so powerful that athletes can shave minutes off of finish times, everyday people can lose up to 20 pounds in five weeks, people with high blood pressure can improve to reduce or eliminate meds in as little as three weeks, and type 2 diabetes can be prevented or reversed in as little as eight to twelve weeks! We love to see people get and stay well.

Your doctor cares about your health, but because the profit for diseases like type 2 diabetes is $16,750 per person each year (CDC 2021), corporate administrators of medical groups and pharmaceutical companies may withhold information and fail to provide the referral services that your doctor needs to help you.

You deserve to know that you can get better, and you deserve to have the right to choose.

You can continue to take pills, prick your fingers multiple times daily for blood tests, pay higher insurance premiums, and feel lousy, so the medical and pharmaceutical industries can make money off of your suffering while you slowly deteriorate, OR you can take charge of your health and recover to spend your time and money doing what you want to do.

Get the health you need to live the life you want.

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