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Blue Bear Healing

Blue Bear Healing


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I work from my home studio in Campbell, CA. I also work remotely by phone or video call.

Accredited by the International Coaching Federation

This is a profound method of coaching that is able to cross any domain: family and relationships, business, career, time and organization management, health and stress concerns, nearly everything. The reason why I don’t need to do domain specific coaching is because at the core of everything we do is who we be. When we’re able to get to the core of our being and assess what’s working and what’s not working, we can shift into a different state that supports our dreams and who we want to become. This is fundamental to everything that we want to achieve in our lives. My job is to shift perspectives about how we’re playing in the world and to see beyond the limited scope of our beliefs to open us up to a new way of being and seeing ourselves within our environment. This is what I would call powerful beyond measure.

My clients are ready and know that change is needed. They currently have an notion that something is not working for them, and know that they need someone else’s skills to help them detect their blind spots, observe their way of being in the endeavors, facilitate movement toward their goals with commitment, and overcome their obstacles and challenges with grace and ease.

My Client’s Needs

I look at each person through the lens of where their major stressors lie. This tells me where they’re experiencing the biggest challenges in their life. Sometimes, it’s not what they think. Often, my clients really impress me. They’re wonderful people with big hearts and sometimes incredibly intelligent. And even with those fantastic traits, they still have unique and common challenges:
• They’re overloaded at work and have no home life
• Their primary relationship has degraded to arguing or ignoring each other
• They feel anxiety about advancing in their career
• Improper diet is fueling their low energy and they can’t find a way to fix it
• Life has lost its shimmer and just seems draining
• There seems to be less and less time for just living
• A close friend or family member is seriously ill
• Work just seems more and more competitive
• There are so many things going on, it’s hard to juggle it all
• Their performance has started taking a hit

Sometimes however, clients can be very specific about improving a particular area of their lives like:
• Personal health and weight control
• Finding themselves again after years of corporate work and family life
• Finding a different career for more freedom to step off the hamster wheel
• Starting the business they’ve always wanted to pursue
• Repairing or improving their personal relationships
• Finding spiritual direction and deeper meaning in life
• Discovering their life’s purpose
• Dealing with a challenging health issue


As a coach, I ask the right questions to illuminate the blind spots in your life. Many people go through their life with very old coping mechanisms that don’t serve their current needs. Think about it… If you established your subconscious coping mechanisms for life’s challenges when you were a kid or teenager, and now you’re a 40 or 50 something adult, there’s a big chance that you’re seeing your life through these coping filters that are skewing your perception of the world.

Many people think that they’re doing just fine, when in reality, they’re on two or more medications for heart problems, something for depression, they’re not giving enough attention to their diet, and live fairly routine lives with no personal fulfillment or meaning. This leads to high stress and minor to major health challenges such is chronic pain, digestive disorders, immune challenges, extremely low energy, and environmental sensitivities. But this can change.

You can have a rich, fulfilling life and get beyond coping, to actually thriving!
The interesting thing about stress is that it has the capacity to shut us down both immunologically and emotionally. Identifying your key stressors is like finding a map into your unconscious world. When we uncover your challenge points, I have the tools to help you:
• Create greater clarity about yourself
• Improve your capacity to handle complex situations
• Feel good about yourself and your life
• Strengthen your relationships
• Build success and achievement for your personal and professional goals
• Expand into greater productivity
• Cultivate mental, emotional and physical wellness
• Learn new ways of remaining calm, focused and centered

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist – Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis is one of the most powerful tools for helping people develop new patterns in their lives. I use it a LOT when doing stress coaching to bring lasting transformation to people. Just a few of that things that I address with hypnosis are:

Weight Control
• Get to your desired weight by getting rid of habits that are preventing it
• Curb your appetite for foods that are keeping the pounds on
• Start liking what you see on the outside and in the mirror
• Change how you feel about yourself on the inside

Addiction and Habits
• Get control back in your life
• Find new healthy patterns for your well-being
• Experience nonjudgmental guidance from someone who cares about you
• Reconnect with your social sphere in a supportive way

Other hypnosis areas that we may address are:
• Fears and phobias
• Anxiety
• Past Life Regression
• Pain Management
• Stress Management
• Much more…

QHHT – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (Past Life Regression)
Certified Advanced BodyTalk/PaRama Practitioner
Shamanic Healing
Sound Healing – Certified Global Sound Healing Institute
Author of Living a Sacred Life – Available on Amazon

When working to facilitate healing in others, one must reach for the most appropriate tool for that person. I believe in science and I believe that there’s a benevolent force (God, Creator, Yahweh, Tunkashila) which we are made in the likeness of. I call on that force to guide me to say what you need to hear, to balance what you need balanced, to shift whatever energy is blocking your spiritual progress, and move whatever is causing you dis-ease.

I look at the whole system of who you are: your diet; your spiritual practice; your beliefs; what you’ve seen and done in life; your epigenetics and environmental influences; even the energetic blueprint that you came into this lifetime with. I support the western medical model and strive to understand physical conditions as explained from that point of view. I also strongly believe in the eastern medical traditions of China and India and their recognition of the role of our emotions and mental perspective influencing our health. This holistic approach helps me get to the influences and causes behind dis-ease and emotional trauma. My intention is to clear them out of the body-mind so you can be free of the weight that has held you back from living a vibrant life.

Author of Living a Sacred Life

I am a meditation instructor. I do this both in group and one-on-one. I’ve studied meditation for over 30 years and I have a very firm understanding of the different methods, how they work, why they work, and what may be most appropriate for you based on your needs and who you are. Studying with me involves the following:

What you will learn
• Talk about misunderstandings about meditation.
• Talk about meditation as the foundation for all other work.
• Benefits of Practice
• Talk about Mindfulness
• Truths about the Mind
• 4 Positions to Meditate

Types of Meditations
• Focus based
• Observation based
• Love and Being based
• Active Meditations

Find out more about the Living a Sacred Life – Online Course for Meditation and Spirit Contact

Life’s Purpose Astrology Readings

Imaging know your life’s purpose without trail and error. That’s what this service does, and I highly recommend it before doing any other work.

A complete reading using the Shamanic Astrology system will show what you came into this life to accomplish, what previous lifetime skills you possess and even the type of relationship you’d pursue that would fulfill your soul’s purpose.


In my experience, doing video calls and phone calls is just as powerful as doing it in person. In some regards, it has a slight advantage because it doesn’t require travel. My ability to build rapport, safety and trust with my clients happens because I’m an excellent listener. All work, whether it be coaching, hypnotherapy, or healing can be done remotely or at a distance. We can work by phone or Zoom. In the case of healing, you don’t even have to be in connection with me. Just setting aside time to be receptive is enough.



I’m a licensed minister with Universal Church of the Master and conduct marriage and memorial services. I deliver sermons and teach workshops on various topics at local venues. This is a multi-faith organization that recognizes that there are many paths to understanding the creative force of the universe that resides within us. I will meet every person in an honoring way of their faith, religious belief, spiritual belief, and even non-belief. I have studied and understand the legalities of disclosure around suicide, domestic violence, child abuse, sexual abuse, and violence of any nature.

My personal belief is that all things have spirit and I also teach classes to help other get in deeper relationship with the Earth and her children. There are so many important teachings that have been passed down from indigenous traditions that many supersede more recent understandings of who we are and what we’re doing on this planet.

Results. I enjoy getting results from people because their lives change. Many things can come up in the process of coaching and hypnotherapy. That’s why I’ve studied many different approaches to handling those things that ultimately create happy, healthy people.

I want to coach the world. I really believe in the power of coaching and I believe that everyone deserves to have someone help them with their lives on a one-to-one basis. I want the world healed. It’s pretty simple.



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