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Bold and Gold Piercing Art

Bold and Gold Piercing Art


Product Description

We provide a clean, safe, inclusive eenvironment for anyone who wants to express themselves through body art and encourage you to be authentic to your own style when looking to create your new aesthetic.

As a collective we strive to carry out services with careful consideration for the unique anatomy and lifestyle of the wearer, as well as other important factors involved in determining the right piercing and jewellery combinations best suited to each individual.

We specialise in luxury solid gold, gemstone body jewellery and house a large collection that we can use in your new piercing or fit in something you have already healed. Our practice is fully sterile, includes high quality implant grade jewellery as standard. but with our option to upgrade with luxury jewellery straight away we open the possibilities for starting your journey with your dream piece and dressing your body temple with the finest jewellery you know you deserve.


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