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Brow Babe Studio

Brow Babe Studio


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About Me

Oregon State Licensed Esthetician & Tattoo Artist/Body Art Practitioner

Certified in Red Cross Bloodborne Pathogens Safety, First Aid, AED/CPR,

Jody Stoski Paramedical Tattoo Academy, 3-D Areolas, Radiation marker and Scar Camouflage

Shay Danielle Academy-Infinity Powder Brows, Faux Freckles.

Bowler Esthetics-Advanced Brow Mapping

Tina Davies Professional-Color Theory

Girlz Ink Training Academy-Powder Brows & Advanced Needle Theory

Dermalogica Clean-Touch for Makeup artists

Union Makeup Artist- Member of the Hollywood Makeup artist’s Guild: Theatre Local #706, and the Studio Mechanics of the Pacific Northwest: Film Local #488. Award for Theatrical makeup.

A professional theatre and film makeup artist of 15 years. While travelling across the world as makeup supervisor with the Broadway tour Kinky Boots, 2014-17, I discovered Microblading. I got it done a couple times during my travels, and oh wow-did it help to heal my thin brows. As a result of microblading, years later my own brows have healed enough that I no longer have to draw them on every day, or fuss over them quite so much. No more worrying about swimming, or having them smudge off in front of others. No more cutting my bangs to hide them strategically. Microblading helped to heal gaps, induced hair growth. It brought back my natural shape, and above all, confidence.

I had attended a top LA makeup school back in 2005. Even then, not many brows were left un-tweezed. As a baby cyber-goth and special effects makeup artist in the early 2000’s, my looks changed with the winds. During that time, it was super popular to have the thinnest brows and most highlight popping arch possible. Today the standard is to rock your natural arch which compliments your unique features. I measure out using the natural proportions of your face, framing the eyes, or often adding hair strokes or shading and makeup to create more of a bold, defined look.

As someone who’s passion has always been to meticulously help others prepare for a role, it became natural to translate this into helping others heal in the way that I was helped to heal.

With the experience of basically drawing on people for over a decade, combined with my affinity for detailed fine lines and tactile work, I fell in love with the art of microblading and tattooing. It is a natural progression from the work that I had been doing already. My tattooing style can be described as illustrative linework, pen & ink. My painting style is more of a dark pop surrealism. I like to do meaningful symbols, lettering, small sketches, and memorial pieces. My special effects makeup background heavily influences my areola techniques, translated into tattooing.

Other passions of mine include calligraphy, embroidery, serving through volunteering for Meals on Wheels during the holidays, and especially spending quality time in the garden pruning flowers and growing vegetables with my Love.

I am so excited to be a fresh, small business here in Historic Downtown Gresham, and to be a part of this wonderful community.


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