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Cancer Support Community Central Ohio

Cancer Support Community Central Ohio


Product Description

A Community that cares.

If you are living with cancer, you are not alone. There is a whole support community behind you.

Cancer Support Community Central Ohio provides cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, and loved ones a place to turn for support, education, and strength. You’ll find a community of licensed clinicians, nutrition experts, specialized and credentialed instructors, and many others dedicated to meeting your needs and improving your well-being.

Our programs serve all people living with any type or stage of cancer, from diagnosis through survivorship. We play a vital role in helping individuals with cancer, their families, friends, coworkers, and caregivers live with, through, and beyond cancer by providing education and support.

People who understand what you’re going through.

At Cancer Support Community, people have the opportunity to make meaningful connections with others living with cancer or providing care for someone living with cancer. Whether you’re in an educational workshop, a nutrition class, or one of our support or networking groups, you have a chance to:

·   Talk with people who understand what you’re going through.

·   Learn from others further along the cancer journey.

·   Develop bonds that can help sustain you.

You will find a vibrant network of committed people and activities designed to support one another. And you will find that you are not alone, and you will learn there is always hope.

Programs for your body, mind, and spirit

Living with cancer is both a physical and emotional challenge. Cancer Support Community offers a wide range of personalized and essential programs designed to nurture your body, mind, and your spirit—all at no cost.

Getting started.

No matter where you are in the cancer journey, we welcome you to our community.  Get started by attending a 45-minute Newcomer Welcome Orientation to learn more about our programs. We will help you create a Personal Care Plan that prioritizes your concerns and provides customized assistance, just for you.

Support and Networking Groups

Group sessions offer the opportunity to learn from others who are on a similar journey, gain a sense of control, and cultivate hope.

·   Support and networking groups

·   Art therapy for families and children

·   Short-term counseling for individuals, couples, and families

Education Programs

Trusted, easy-to-access information is available to help people affected by cancer feel confident about participating in their care.

  • Educational workshops
  • Lunch & learn series
  • Education & resource library

Healthy Lifestyle Programs

Exercise, stress management, and cooking and nutrition classes provide important health benefits to survivors as well as family members, their support networks, and loved ones.

·   Gentle yoga and chair yoga

·   Tai Chi

·   Qigong

·   Healthy cooking and nutrition

·   Mindfulness hour

Social Connections

Social support has real benefits for people living with cancer. Bring your family and friends to enjoy fun activities, share in the hope that others have found on their journey, and celebrate each day. Or come to make new friends!

·   Family Potluck Dinners

·   Brown Bag Book Club

·   Drumming Circle

·   Survivors Day Celebration


We are here for you.

We know that the physical and emotional challenges of cancer and its treatment can get overwhelming; but we also know what is possible when you have a supportive community behind you:

·         Access to the best information, from nutrition to research

·         More control over your treatment and your life

·         Stronger mind, body, and spirit

·         Ability to cope with long-term side effects

·         A positive outlook on the challenges ahead


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