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Thanks you for considering Carlin.Creates for your hair. As a non-binary stylist I know that beauty has no gender. I want to help all my guests leave the salon feeling more comfortable in their own skin. Our salon has absolutely no gendered pricing everything is based off of time and amount of hair and before your first visit you will review our new guest form where you may select your pronouns and they will be added to your guest file.

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Hair coloring is one of my favorite services and a great way to express what we’re feeling and who we are. I do a lot of fashion colors (rainbow colors and the like) but never discount a classic blonde or brunette. Color can really transform the way we feel about ourselves.

As far as haircutting goes from down the back to shaved I really love it all. I have continued to learn and do more short cutting over the years as I’ve found in the beauty industry those skills can occasionally be missing. In my personal experience as a youth I had a hard time finding a stylist who would cut my hair short without trying to femanize me. If you’ve ever experienced this or the reverse have a seat in my chair.

I do facial waxing as well I really love getting eyebrows to that perfect shape. Its true what they say. The brows do help frame the whole face (not to leave out my no brow babes y’all really kill it too).

I am always accepting new guests. I am lucky to work in such an accepting salon. If there are other services you are looking for that I have not listed (extensions, facials, Brazilian Blowout, etc) we have an awesome lineup of talented of stylists, barbers, and an esthetician who are just as ready to help you look like you. Check them all out here:


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