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Curvy Asanas Yoga

Curvy Asanas Yoga


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What is Curvy Asanas?

Hello, I’m Chaanah, I’m based in the UK and teach in and around Northamptonshire including Milton Keynes. I teach both in person and online, so even if you are not in my area you are still welcome to my classes. I offer 121’s which is a complete bespoke service were I will come up with a program for you based on your goals or achievements you wish to achieve. I am Yoga Alliance registered and teach mainly Ashtanga Vinyasa style, Chair Yoga and some more restorative movements included as well.

I have been practicing yoga for around 4 years, its changed my life and given me “a life” after a bike accident that reduced activities I once enjoyed; running, kickboxing, swimming and going on long walks or training for half marathons

I made the decision to teach yoga as I wanted to make people feel included and show them that there are no boundaries, yoga poses can be modified to suit any ability, age, gender, size, disability, EVERY BODY is welcome.

I believe it doesn’t matter what body you have or desire you shouldn’t be judged for this, you should be able to freely express yourself, be the person you want to be in the body you choose, to be  be happy and free to do all the things that everyone else does without judgement, this is why I welcome you to my classes with open arms and very much look forward to meeting you.

Its a safe space  were any of my students can be them selves, move as much or a little as you want, dress in what makes you feel comfy even if its your pjs everything goes!

I’m very proud to be a part of the Trans friendly community 🙂

Curvy Asanas was born for a couple of reasons.

​I have a strong belief that yoga is for anyone, it doesn’t matter how curvy your body, how curvy your mind or what you wear, it’s about listening and connecting to your body, breath and mind. Yoga is one!
I mentioned curvy minds…this is because I myself am neurodivergent…(what does this mean I hear you say?)
I was recently diagnosed with ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and I’m on the autistic spectrum. I have always struggled with certain things; concentration being a major one and keeping focused

Yoga has been a huge help, as it’s helped with focusing the mind, reducing stress and anxiety levels as well as other benefits such as flexibility, aiding better sleep and improving my general mental wellbeing.

What to expect from my classes

In the past I have felt rather uncomfortable as I’ve always been the bigger girl in the class filled with much smaller and flexible students. I questioned myself many times, weather or not I should be a yoga instructor; as I’m not hugely flexible in areas of my body, (but my flexibility has improved since doing yoga), I’m quite curvy, had the attention span of a nat and don’t wear fancy matching top and pants!! (all the things yoga magazines and social media show you, this is all I had only seen)

Students have often told me how calming I am to be around, how comfortable I’ve made them feel in class. This is exactly my mission its to ensure that Curvy Asanas is completely inclusive of age, gender, size, ability or levels. Weather you are a beginner, someone that pops back to yoga as and when you can or an advanced student, I will guide you safely through your yoga session, offering plenty of modifications to suit all body types.

My only request is that you ensure you listen you YOUR body, work within YOUR means and not others around you and you come to class in what every makes you feel comfy and if that’s your pj’s so be it!! I want you to experience free movement

​I offer a range of classes from online, in person and bespoke 121’s with an exercise sheet of the poses I had prepared for your class to take away to practice in your time.

Yoga to me other than lots of physical & mental benefits, yoga unites “you” with the “REAL YOU”

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