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Dozy Tattoo

Dozy Tattoo


Product Description

Roseanna ‘Dozy’ Hanson is a professional tattoo artist based in Barnsley town centre now operating from her own private studio.

The studio is a small but welcoming space with comfort and safety at it’s heart. Tattoos are by appointment only, one customer in the studio at a time and there is a screen available for extra privacy. An access ramp is available on request to get into the studio space, however toilets are up a small flight of stairs which the ramp will not reach. The toilets are gender-neutral and code locked. Parking is available across the street in two different car parks. I am happy to meet clients at the end of the street if you do not feel safe walking alone. If you have any other questions about the premises please feel free to email [email protected]


Discounts for Self-Harm Cover Up Tattoos
Reduced rates available for anyone that would like help with covering up/disguising any scars that have been a result of self-harm. I understand that financial reasons often hold people back from being able to get a tattoo to cover their scarring, so I hope that this will help in some way for those who would like to heal and move on from a darker period in their life.
If you would like more information please direct message me on Facebook or Instagram, or alternatively email [email protected] with your ideas.


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