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Dr Nestor’s Medical Cosmetic Centre

Dr Nestor’s Medical Cosmetic Centre


Product Description

Dr Nestor’s Medical Cosmetic Centre is a multi-award-winning clinic in the heart of Edinburgh. We are one of the first doctor-led clinics in Edinburgh dedicated to cosmetic medicine and patient care.

Dr Nestor’s treatments focus on non-surgical facial rejuvenation, quietly enhancing our patients, helping them to not only ‘age well’, but to fulfil their aesthetic potential, equally for women and men. Never ‘done’. Always discreet. (take a sneak peek at the before and after pictures). The aim is to restore youthful features. Not to look younger. Dr Nestor specialises in non surgical youthful restoration using fillers to restore lost volume, Silhouette Soft threads to lift sagging tissue and injectable muscle relaxants to soften harsh lines.

We understand facial proportions better than we ever have. We know what people are looking to achieve and improve on. For example, we know that the width of a woman’s chin should be the same as the width of her nose, whereas a masculine chin is the same width as his mouth.

A well proportioned chin brings balance to a face and completes a woman’s profile view. Lines and angles define a face.

They can masculinise or feminise it. A man’s face is at its best with strong straight lines.





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