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Elliot Counseling

Elliot Counseling


Product Description

If you don’t feel safe, respected, and supported then therapy isn’t going to be very helpful. So while we spend a lot of our careers learning skills to help you with your thoughts, heal your traumas, and regulate your emotions, our main focus is in creating a welcoming, accepting, nurturing, and supportive environment within which to do the work.

There seem to be two main areas in the work that we do. One is in helping you to make sense of who you are and how to best support yourself. This largely relates to issues like neurodivergence (e.g. ADHD and Autism), sexual orientation, gender identity, and some biochemical brain issues (e.g. bipolar). This is often involves learning skills to manage better and working on self acceptance.

The other is unpacking and healing the things that have happened to you. In certain chaotic, dangerous, or unsupportive environments we learn adaptive coping skills that work in those environments. However, as we continue to grow and move out of those environments those skills that used to be helpful are sometimes causing more problems than they are solving. Some examples of these are anxiety, addictions, and eating disorders. Here we help you to unpack your thoughts and beliefs, shifting beliefs that are less than helpful or accurate, and heal your trauma.

In essence, we are here to help you create a life worth living. We look forward to our journey together.


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