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Gypsy Blades Piercing

Gypsy Blades Piercing


Product Description

Hi I am Samantha, but you can call me Sam, I have been the owner and body piercer of Gypsy Blades Piercing for 7 years and I was a body piercer in another studio for 7 years before that. I have always been a friendly and approachable person and that makes it easy for people to talk to me about their piercing needs and jewellery even in intimate areas.

At Gypsy Blades Piercing you will be welcomed like an old friend even if it’s your first time visiting. I can reassure you that you will never be made to feel unwelcome or judged in my studio because I am an ally and also a lone worker. Please feel free to get in touch for all your piercing needs.

I am also keen to help people who are on their journey of transitioning to feel more like themselves and that includes the aesthetic side of things. Swag and style are definitely important in our society and I absolutely want to provide you with a safe and comfortable space to allow you to express and explore your individuality.  I will help you to adorn your body in jewellery that compliments your personal style and flare. I am also open to learning more too so any pointers to being an even better ally will be accepted with gratitude too. ????

I undertake most piercing procedures including dermal anchors and genital work, however there are some piercings that are unsafe and I won’t compromise your safety, so I don’t offer them. Also as humans are all uniquely shaped and formed sometimes a specific piercing is anatomy dependent, but please rest assured that if your anatomy doesn’t lend itself to the piercing you were hoping for I will be more than happy to help suggest other piercings that will work and heal properly.

If you would like to see more of what I offer you can check out my website and my social media by following these links.


Instagram: @gypsybladespiercing

If you do want to come and visit the studio we are currently operating appointment only bookings to ensure safety in line with Covid-19 legislation, this also means that your time slot is 100% dedicated to you. Please feel free to book a time slot here (this can also be found on my website and social media in the form of book now buttons).

or by calling 07702055082 if the link doesn’t work.

For a list of basic prices please visit my website, this list isn’t conclusive however as prices will vary depending on the jewellery chosen.

I look forward to welcoming you to my studio.

Kind regards

Sam ????



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